How to Remove AT&T International Feature from Your iPhone

Removing AT&T International on an iPhone is a simple process that involves a few steps. Firstly, you need to access the settings on your iPhone. Next, navigate to the ‘Cellular’ section and then to ‘Cellular Data Options’. Here, you will find the option to turn off ‘Data Roaming’. Finally, you should contact AT&T to ensure that international features are removed from your billing plan. By following these steps, you can avoid unwanted charges when traveling abroad.

After you complete this action, your iPhone will no longer connect to international data networks, which means you won’t incur any unexpected roaming fees. Your phone will still work for calls and texts, but you’ll need to use Wi-Fi for internet access when abroad.


Are you tired of getting hit with unexpected charges on your cellphone bill after traveling internationally? It’s a common frustration for many, but especially for AT&T subscribers who find themselves with additional fees for International Day Passes or roaming charges that they didn’t anticipate. If you’re an iPhone user and AT&T customer, you might be wondering how you can avoid these charges in the future. The good news is that it’s possible to remove AT&T International from your iPhone, so you won’t have to stress about racking up a hefty bill while you’re enjoying your travels.

This article is essential for those who frequently travel abroad or those planning an upcoming trip and want to manage their mobile costs effectively. It’s also relevant for AT&T customers who wish to understand their iPhones better and control their spending. By taking control of your international settings, you can enjoy your travels without the worry of an expensive phone bill waiting for you when you return home.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Remove AT&T International on an iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, it’s good to know that what we’re about to do will help you manage your data usage and prevent any unwelcome charges related to international roaming.

Step 1: Access the Settings on Your iPhone

Navigate to the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone.

The ‘Settings’ app is where you can manage all your phone’s features, including network and cellular settings. It’s typically found on the home screen and has an icon that looks like a gear.

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Cellular’ Section

Scroll down and tap on the ‘Cellular’ menu option.

This section allows you to manage all cellular settings, including your data plan and roaming options.

Step 3: Go to ‘Cellular Data Options’

Within the ‘Cellular’ section, find and select ‘Cellular Data Options’.

This part of the settings focuses specifically on how your iPhone uses data, including options for roaming and network selection.

Step 4: Turn Off ‘Data Roaming’

Toggle off the ‘Data Roaming’ option.

By turning off ‘Data Roaming’, you’re telling your iPhone not to use cellular data when you’re outside of your carrier’s network. This prevents any unintentional usage that could lead to additional charges.

Step 5: Contact AT&T

Call AT&T or manage your account online to make sure international features are removed from your billing plan.

It’s important to follow up with AT&T to ensure that all international features are disabled. This way, you can be certain that you won’t be charged for any services you’re not using.


Avoid Unexpected ChargesBy removing AT&T International, you can prevent any surprise charges on your bill.
More Control Over SpendingManaging your international settings gives you more control over your mobile spending while traveling.
Ease of Mind While TravelingWith AT&T International removed, you can travel without worrying about your phone bill.


Limited Access to DataWithout international data, you’ll have to rely on Wi-Fi for internet access when abroad.
Might Miss Out on Necessary FeaturesRemoving international features could mean missing out on services that might be necessary for some travelers.
Requires Additional EffortIt takes time and effort to manage your account settings and contact AT&T to ensure all features are removed.

Additional Information

When considering removing AT&T International from your iPhone, it’s important to think about your specific needs while traveling. Will you need access to data for navigation, translation, or other travel-related apps? If so, you may want to explore other options, such as local SIM cards or Wi-Fi hotspots, to stay connected without the high costs of roaming.

It’s also worth noting that disabling data roaming on your iPhone does not prevent you from making or receiving calls and texts, which can still result in charges. Be sure to check with AT&T for any available travel plans or packages that might suit your needs better. Lastly, always remember to re-enable data roaming once you’re back in the country to resume normal service.


  1. Access the ‘Settings’ on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Cellular’ section.
  3. Go to ‘Cellular Data Options’.
  4. Turn off ‘Data Roaming’.
  5. Contact AT&T to remove international features from your billing plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my iPhone still work for calls and texts if I remove AT&T International?

Yes, your iPhone will still be able to make and receive calls and texts. However, these may still incur charges when you’re abroad.

Can I use Wi-Fi for internet access if I turn off data roaming?

Yes, you can still use Wi-Fi for internet access when data roaming is turned off.

What should I do if I need data while traveling?

Consider purchasing a local SIM card or looking for Wi-Fi hotspots to stay connected without roaming charges.

Is it necessary to contact AT&T after changing my iPhone settings?

Yes, it’s essential to contact AT&T to ensure all international features are removed from your billing plan.

Will I need to turn data roaming back on when I return home?

Yes, you will need to re-enable data roaming to resume normal service.


Removing AT&T International on an iPhone can be a game-changer for frequent travelers or anyone looking to avoid unwelcome charges. By taking a few simple steps, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t return home to a hefty phone bill. Remember, it’s all about understanding your needs and making the right choices to manage your mobile usage effectively. So, next time you’re planning a trip, take control and ensure you’re set up for a cost-effective journey. Safe travels!

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