How to Lock Text Boxes in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Locking text boxes in Word is a nifty little trick that can keep your document looking sharp and professional. It’s a simple process that prevents others from editing or messing with your text box positioning, ensuring your layout stays exactly as you intended. Let’s jump in and learn how to lock those text boxes down!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Lock Text Boxes in Word

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to know what we’re aiming for here. By locking a text box in Word, we’re making sure that no one can move or resize it, which can be crucial for maintaining your document’s format.

Step 1: Select the Text Box

Click on the text box that you wish to lock.

When you select the text box, you’ll notice that it’s highlighted with a border and handles on the corners and sides. This indicates that the text box is currently editable.

Step 2: Open the Format Shape Pane

Right-click on the text box and select “Format Shape” from the context menu.

The Format Shape pane will appear on the right side of your Word document. This pane allows you to adjust various settings for your text box, including size, fill, and line color.

Step 3: Navigate to the Size & Properties Tab

In the Format Shape pane, click on the “Size & Properties” tab.

This tab is typically represented by a square icon. In this section, you’ll find options related to the dimensions and layout of your text box.

Step 4: Expand the Layout & Properties Section

Click on the small arrow next to the “Layout & Properties” section to expand it.

You’ll find this option below the size settings. The Layout & Properties section holds the controls for text box positioning and text wrapping.

Step 5: Check the Lock Anchor Option

In the Layout & Properties section, tick the “Lock anchor” checkbox.

Locking the anchor ensures that the text box is fixed in its current position relative to the page or the paragraph it’s anchored to.

Step 6: Check the Prevent Resizing and Moving Option

Still in the Layout & Properties section, tick the “Prevent resizing and moving” checkbox.

This step is the key to locking your text box. Once this option is checked, no one will be able to alter the size or position of the text box.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your text box is now locked in place. It won’t budge even if someone tries to drag it around or pull on its handles. You can rest easy knowing your document’s layout is secure.

Tips: Ways to Get the Most Out of Locking Text Boxes in Word

  • Always double-check that the text box is positioned exactly where you want it before locking it down.
  • Remember that locking the text box doesn’t prevent editing the text inside; it only locks the box’s position and size.
  • If you need to make adjustments later, you can always unlock the text box by unchecking the “Lock anchor” and “Prevent resizing and moving” options.
  • Consider grouping text boxes if you have multiple boxes that you want to lock together.
  • Use the “Selection Pane” to easily manage and select multiple text boxes in complex documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still edit the text within a locked text box?

Yes, locking a text box only prevents it from being moved or resized. You can still edit the text inside as usual.

What happens if I lock a text box and then need to move it?

You’ll need to unlock the text box by unchecking the “Lock anchor” and “Prevent resizing and moving” options in the Format Shape pane.

Can I lock a text box in Word Online?

Locking text boxes is a feature that is not available in Word Online. You’ll need to use the desktop version of Word to access this functionality.

Will locking a text box affect how my document is printed?

No, locking a text box only affects the editing process and will not change how the document is printed or viewed.

Can I lock images the same way I lock text boxes?

Yes, the process for locking images is similar to locking text boxes. You’ll find the same options in the Format Picture pane.


  1. Select the text box you want to lock.
  2. Open the Format Shape pane.
  3. Navigate to the Size & Properties tab.
  4. Expand the Layout & Properties section.
  5. Check the Lock anchor option.
  6. Check the Prevent resizing and moving option.


Mastering the art of locking text boxes in Word is a game-changer for anyone who values consistency in their documents. With the simple steps outlined above, you can ensure that your text boxes stay put, no matter who gets their hands on your document.

Remember to lock your text boxes only after you’re satisfied with their placement, as unlocking them later will require a few extra clicks. But now that you know how to lock text boxes in Word, you’re well-equipped to maintain the integrity of your document’s layout with confidence and ease. Happy writing!

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