How to Disable Automatic Driving Mode on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Disabling automatic driving mode on your iPhone 15 is a straightforward process. Simply head to your settings, select “Do Not Disturb,” and then find the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” section. There you can switch off the feature entirely or customize its activation settings. Once you complete this action, your phone will no longer switch to driving mode automatically when you are in a moving vehicle.

After you’ve disabled the automatic driving mode, your iPhone 15 will no longer mute notifications or restrict phone usage while you’re in motion. This means you’ll have full access to your device at all times, which can be both advantageous and potentially distracting.

You can also watch this video about how to disable automatic driving mode on iPhone 15 for more on this subject.


Imagine you’re cruising down the highway, your iPhone 15 mounted on the dashboard, when suddenly, it switches to driving mode. The screen dims, notifications go silent, and your playlist pauses – all against your wishes. It’s Apple’s way of promoting safer driving, but sometimes it’s not quite what you need. Maybe you’re a passenger, or perhaps you prefer to manage distractions in your own way. Whatever the reason, you’re in luck because you have the power to customize this feature.

The automatic driving mode on the iPhone 15, also known as “Do Not Disturb While Driving,” is designed to help reduce distractions while you’re at the wheel. It’s a feature that can be incredibly useful for keeping your focus on the road, but it’s not for everyone. Knowing how to disable or customize it is essential, especially for those who need to stay connected for work, emergencies, or navigation purposes. This guide is for you if you want to take control back from your smartphone. We’ll walk you through the steps to turn off this feature, discuss the pros and cons, and delve into some additional details you might find helpful.

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Step by Step Tutorial to Disable Automatic Driving Mode on iPhone 15

Before we dive into the details, let’s quickly outline what you’ll be doing:

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone 15.

In the settings menu, you’ll find a myriad of options for customizing your device. For now, focus on finding the “Do Not Disturb” section.

Step 2: Select Do Not Disturb

Scroll down and select the “Do Not Disturb” option.

Within this section, you will find all the settings related to minimizing distractions, including the automatic driving mode feature.

Step 3: Find Do Not Disturb While Driving

Scroll down to the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” section.

This is where you can see how the feature activates and have the option to adjust those settings.

Step 4: Disable the Feature

You can either disable the feature entirely or select “Manually” to prevent it from turning on automatically.

By choosing “Manually,” you’ll still have the option to use driving mode when you wish, but it won’t activate by default.


Maintains ConnectivityDisabling this feature ensures you won’t miss important calls and messages while driving.
Allows FlexibilityYou can still enable driving mode manually if you prefer to minimize distractions during certain trips.
Prevents Unnecessary ActivationIf you’re a passenger or using public transportation, you won’t be subjected to the restrictions of driving mode.


Increased DistractionsWithout the feature, you may be tempted to interact with your phone, which can be dangerous while driving.
Missed Safety BenefitsThe feature is designed to promote safer driving habits, which you’ll miss out on if it’s disabled.
Constant AlertsNotifications can be incessant and annoying, especially when driving.

Video About Driving Mode

Additional Information

When considering disabling automatic driving mode on your iPhone 15, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully. Think about your usual driving habits and whether you can manage distractions without the assistance of this feature. It’s also worth noting that you can customize the auto-reply message if you wish to keep the feature active but want to ensure people know why you’re not responding. Additionally, you can select certain contacts that can bypass the driving mode to call you if there’s an urgent matter.

Remember, safety should always be your top priority. While it might be convenient to have full access to your device at all times, consider whether it’s worth the potential risk. Perhaps use this guide to disable the feature only when you’re a passenger or when using alternative forms of transportation.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Do Not Disturb
  3. Find Do Not Disturb While Driving
  4. Disable the Feature or Select Manually

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I’m a passenger?

If you’re a passenger, the driving mode can still activate. It’s based on motion detection, so it may not differentiate between drivers and passengers.

Can I still use maps while in driving mode?

Yes, navigation apps like Maps can still give you audio directions while driving mode is active.

What if I receive an urgent call or message?

If you’ve disabled the feature following this guide, you will receive all calls and messages as usual. If the feature is on, certain contacts can be allowed to bypass driving mode.

Will my music or podcasts stop playing?

No, audio playback from music or podcasts will continue even when driving mode is active.

Can I customize the auto-reply message?

Yes, you can customize or turn off the auto-reply message in the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” settings.


Mastering your iPhone 15 means knowing how to make it work best for you, including when to disable automatic driving mode. While it’s a feature with safety at its heart, there are times when you need full control over your device, and now you know exactly how to do that. Remember, the steps we covered are not just about convenience; they’re about making an informed decision that balances connectivity with safety.

So, next time your phone slips into driving mode uninvited, take charge and make the choice that fits your situation best. Keep in mind, though, the road demands your attention. Stay safe, stay smart, and enjoy the journey with your iPhone 15 by your side.

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