How to Delete Frequently Visited on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hey there! Want to clean up your browsing history on your iPad? Deleting your frequently visited sites is a breeze. This article will guide you through the process, ensuring your digital footprint is minimized. With clear, easy-to-follow steps, you’ll have a clutter-free browser in no time.

How to Delete Frequently Visited on iPad

This section will help you get rid of those frequently visited websites on your iPad. By following these steps, your Safari browser will look fresh and new.

Step 1: Open Safari

To start, you need to open the Safari browser on your iPad.

Launch Safari by tapping its icon on your home screen. It looks like a blue compass. You can’t miss it!

Step 2: Access the Frequently Visited Section

Next, you’ll want to navigate to the section where your frequently visited sites are displayed.

Scroll down on the Safari start page until you see the “Frequently Visited” section. This is where all your most-visited sites are listed.

Step 3: Tap and Hold on a Website Icon

To delete a site from this list, you need to tap and hold on its icon.

When you press and hold the icon of the site you want to remove, a menu will pop up with some options.

Step 4: Select “Delete”

Choose the “Delete” option from the menu that appears.

By tapping “Delete,” you’ll remove that site from your frequently visited list. This action won’t delete the site from your bookmarks, just from this particular list.

Step 5: Repeat for Other Sites

If you have multiple sites to delete, repeat steps 3 and 4.

Continue this process until you’ve cleaned up your entire frequently visited section.

After completing these steps, your frequently visited section will be clear. Your browsing experience will be more streamlined and focused.

Tips for Deleting Frequently Visited on iPad

  • Regularly clear your frequently visited sites to maintain privacy.
  • Consider using private browsing mode to avoid saving frequently visited sites in the first place.
  • Be careful not to delete sites you frequently use for work or study.
  • Remember, deleting a frequently visited site does not delete it from your bookmarks.
  • Use these steps periodically to keep your browsing history tidy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I delete frequently visited sites on my iPad?

Deleting frequently visited sites can help maintain your privacy, especially if you share your iPad with others. It also keeps your browser looking neat.

Will deleting a site from the frequently visited section remove it from my bookmarks?

No, removing a site from frequently visited will not delete it from your bookmarks. They are two separate lists.

How often should I clear my frequently visited sites?

It depends on your needs. If you value privacy highly or share your device, consider doing it weekly.

Can I recover a site I deleted from the frequently visited list?

No, once you delete a site from the frequently visited section, it’s gone from that list. However, you can still access it if it’s bookmarked.

Does private browsing prevent sites from being added to my frequently visited list?

Yes, when using private browsing mode, sites you visit won’t be saved in your history or frequently visited section.


  1. Open Safari
  2. Access the Frequently Visited Section
  3. Tap and Hold on a Website Icon
  4. Select “Delete”
  5. Repeat for Other Sites


Cleaning up your frequently visited sites on your iPad is a smart way to keep your browsing history organized and private. With just a few simple steps, you can ensure that only the most necessary sites remain visible. Regularly managing this list not only enhances your privacy but also makes your browser more efficient and user-friendly.

Remember, if privacy is a big concern for you, consider using private browsing mode more often. This feature will help you avoid saving frequently visited sites altogether. Additionally, make it a habit to clear out your frequently visited sites periodically so that your browser stays clutter-free and your personal information remains secure.

Now that you know how to delete frequently visited sites on your iPad, why not give it a try? Clean up your browsing history, and enjoy a more streamlined online experience today!

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