How to Close All Tabs on iPhone 12: A Step-by-Step Guide

Closing all tabs on your iPhone 12 is a breeze. Imagine you’ve been browsing the web, and now you have a bazillion tabs open. You want a clean slate, right? Well, with just a few taps, you can close them all at once and start fresh. It’s like magic, and you don’t have to close each tab individually!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Close All Tabs on iPhone 12

Before we dive into the steps, let’s talk about what we’re going to accomplish. Closing all tabs on your iPhone 12 helps tidy up your browser, making it easier to find what you’re looking for and improving your phone’s performance. It’s like cleaning your room – everything feels better when it’s neat and organized.

Step 1: Open Safari

Launch your Safari app by tapping on its icon.

Safari is the default web browser on your iPhone 12, and it’s where all your open tabs live. Think of it as walking into a room filled with open books on every surface – we’re about to close them all.

Step 2: Long-press the Tabs Button

Look for the tabs button, which looks like two squares stacked on top of each other, and give it a long press.

When you long-press the tabs button, you’re summoning a secret menu that holds the magic ‘Close All Tabs’ option. It’s like finding a hidden door in your favorite video game.

Step 3: Select ‘Close All Tabs’

A menu will pop up with the option to ‘Close All Tabs.’ Tap on that, and voilà, your tabs will close.

After selecting ‘Close All Tabs,’ your iPhone 12 will close every single tab you have open. It’s like having a fresh start or a blank canvas to work with.

After completing these steps, you’ll have a much cleaner and more organized Safari browser. It’s like finally getting your desk organized – you feel more productive and less cluttered.

Tips: How to Close All Tabs on iPhone 12

  • It’s a good habit to close all tabs regularly to keep your browser running smoothly.
  • If you accidentally close a tab you needed, quickly shake your iPhone 12 to undo the action.
  • Remember, once you close all tabs, there’s no going back unless you’ve bookmarked the pages.
  • You can also close individual tabs by swiping left on them if you only want to close some tabs.
  • Use the ‘Private Browsing’ mode if you don’t want your iPhone to keep a history of what you’ve browsed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will closing all tabs delete my bookmarks?

No, closing all tabs will not affect your bookmarks. Your bookmarks are safe and sound, waiting for you to return like loyal pets.

Can I close all tabs on other browsers like Chrome?

Yes, most browsers have a similar feature to close all tabs. The steps may vary slightly, but the concept is the same.

What if I need to find a page again after closing all tabs?

You can check your browser history to find previously visited pages unless you were using Private Browsing mode.

Will closing all tabs log me out of my accounts?

Generally, no. However, if you have set your browser to clear cookies upon closing tabs, then it might log you out.

Can I restore all tabs after closing them?

If you close all tabs by accident, you can quickly shake your iPhone 12 to undo the action. Otherwise, there’s no built-in feature to restore all tabs.


  1. Open Safari
  2. Long-press the Tabs Button
  3. Select ‘Close All Tabs’


So, there you have it! You now know how to close all tabs on iPhone 12 like a pro. It’s a simple process that can make a big difference in the way you browse the web on your phone. Not only does it help in keeping things organized, but it also ensures a smoother and faster browsing experience. Plus, it’s always good to keep your digital space clutter-free, just like your physical space.

Whether you’re someone who opens a new tab every time you browse or someone who likes to keep things minimal, knowing how to manage your tabs effectively is a valuable skill in today’s digital age. So go ahead, give your Safari browser a fresh start, and enjoy the clean, organized feel of having all tabs closed.

Remember, your iPhone 12 is a powerful tool, and with these simple tricks up your sleeve, you can make the most out of your browsing experience. Keep exploring, learning, and don’t forget to bookmark those important pages. Happy browsing!

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