How to Close All Tabs on iPhone 12: A Simple Guide

Closing all tabs on your iPhone 12 is super easy and just takes a few taps. First, open up Safari, the default web browser on your iPhone. Then, tap the tabs icon in the bottom right corner to see all your open tabs. Finally, press and hold the ‘Done’ button and select ‘Close All Tabs’. Voila! You’ve just tidied up your browser and can start fresh.

After you close all tabs, your Safari browser will look clean and uncluttered. You’ll be taken to a new blank tab where you can start a new search or enter a website address. It’s a quick way to get rid of all the pages you no longer need and can help your iPhone run a little smoother.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Close All Tabs on iPhone 12

Before we dive into the steps, let’s clarify that closing all tabs will remove any website you have open in Safari. If you have any important information on those pages, make sure to bookmark it or save it elsewhere.

Step 1: Open Safari

Tap the Safari icon on your iPhone 12 home screen to open the web browser.

Safari is the blue compass icon that comes pre-installed on your iPhone. You’ll usually find it on the bottom row of your home screen for easy access.

Step 2: View Your Open Tabs

Tap the tabs icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. It looks like two overlapping squares.

This will show you all the tabs you have open. You can swipe left or right to browse through them.

Step 3: Close All Tabs

Press and hold the ‘Done’ button in the bottom right corner, then select ‘Close All Tabs’ from the menu that appears.

A confirmation message may pop up asking if you’re sure you want to close all tabs. Just confirm, and all your tabs will be closed.

Tips for Closing All Tabs on iPhone 12

  • If you have a lot of tabs open, closing them all at once can help your iPhone run faster.
  • Remember that once you close all tabs, you can’t undo the action. Make sure you’re not closing anything important!
  • You can also close individual tabs by swiping them to the left.
  • Bookmark any tabs you want to revisit later before closing them.
  • Use the ‘Private’ browsing feature if you don’t want your iPhone to save your browsing history.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reopen a closed tab?

If you accidentally close a tab, you can quickly reopen it by pressing and holding the ‘+’ icon in the tabs view.

Can I close all tabs on other browsers?

Yes, most browsers have a similar feature to close all tabs, but the steps may vary slightly.

Will closing all tabs delete my bookmarks?

No, closing tabs will not affect your bookmarks. They’ll still be there when you open Safari again.

Is there a limit to the number of tabs I can open?

Technically no, but having too many tabs open can slow down your phone’s performance.

Does closing all tabs log me out of websites?

It depends on the website’s settings, but generally, you may be logged out of some sites once you close their tabs.


There you have it, the lowdown on how to close all tabs on iPhone 12. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep your browser tidy and ensure your phone operates efficiently. Remember to bookmark any important pages before you close all tabs, and take advantage of the ‘Private’ browsing mode if needed.

With this knowledge, you’re now fully equipped to manage your Safari browser like a pro. So go ahead and give your iPhone 12’s Safari a fresh start by closing all those tabs!

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