How to Close All Open Tabs on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Got a ton of tabs open on your iPhone and feeling overwhelmed? No worries, closing all those tabs is a breeze and I’ve got the quick guide to help you out. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have a clean slate in no time. Ready to dive in? Let’s get those tabs closed!

Step by Step Tutorial to Close All Open Tabs on iPhone

Before we jump into the steps, let’s talk about what we’re going to do. We’ll be using Safari, the default web browser on your iPhone, to close all the open tabs. This will help declutter your browser and make it run smoother.

Step 1: Open Safari

Open the Safari app on your iPhone. This is where all your open tabs are living.

Once you’ve opened Safari, you’ll see all your open tabs spread out in a grid or a cascading list, depending on your settings.

Step 2: Long press the tabs button

Find the tabs button, which looks like two overlapping squares in the bottom right corner and long press it.

Long pressing means pressing and holding the button for a couple of seconds. This will bring up a menu with options for managing your tabs.

Step 3: Tap “Close All [number] Tabs”

In the menu that pops up, you’ll see an option that says “Close All [number] Tabs”. Go ahead and tap it.

The number will reflect how many tabs you have open. For example, if you have 15 tabs open, it will say “Close All 15 Tabs”.

After you complete these steps, all your open tabs will be closed and you’ll be taken to a fresh, new tab page. It’s like a clean slate for your web browsing!

Tips for Closing All Open Tabs on iPhone

  • Make sure you really want to close all tabs since you won’t be able to undo this action.
  • If you have any important tabs open that you want to revisit later, consider bookmarking them before closing all tabs.
  • Closing all tabs can also help your iPhone run a bit faster, as it frees up memory that was being used by those tabs.
  • If you only want to close a few tabs and not all, you can swipe left on individual tabs to close them one by one.
  • Remember that closing all tabs will also log you out of any sites you were signed into within those tabs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I close all tabs on Safari without opening the app?

Unfortunately, you must open the Safari app to close all tabs. There’s no way to do it from outside the app.

Will closing all tabs delete my bookmarks?

No, closing all tabs will not affect your bookmarks. They will remain safe and accessible.

Can I recover a tab after I’ve closed all of them?

Once all tabs are closed, you cannot recover them. However, you can check your browser history to find any important pages you might want to revisit.

Does this process work the same on an iPad?

Yes, the process for closing all tabs on an iPad is similar to the iPhone.

Will this work on browsers other than Safari?

This guide is specifically for Safari. Other browsers, like Chrome or Firefox, have their own methods for closing all tabs.


  1. Open Safari.
  2. Long press the tabs button.
  3. Tap “Close All [number] Tabs”.


Closing all open tabs on an iPhone is one of those small digital housekeeping tasks that can make a big difference in your browsing experience. It declutters your browser, helps your device run a bit smoother, and gives you that satisfying feeling of starting fresh. And now, with these simple steps, you can close all those tabs in a snap. Remember, though, once they’re closed, they’re gone for good—so make sure you’ve saved any important information elsewhere. Happy browsing, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a tidy Safari app!

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