How to Enable Delivery Notifications in the iPhone Amazon Alexa App

The Amazon Alexa devices that you have in your home, such as the Echo and Echo Dot, are very integrated into your Amazon account. You can play music from Amazon Music, make purchases with your voice, and generally use many of the Amazon services that you know and love. One other way that Alexa can […]

How to Turn Off Voice Purchasing in the iPhone Amazon Alexa App

The ability to control the devices in your home with Alexa makes it easy to accomplish a lot without lifting a finger. You can even use Alexa to make purchases through your Amazon account. While this feature can be very useful, it could be a problem if you have children or others in your home […]

How to Rename a Device in the Amazon Alexa iPhone App

Amazon’s Alexa feature is available on a number of their branded devices, such as the Echo, Echo Dot, and Fire TV. You can use your voice to tell Alexa what to do, which is not only fun, but pretty easy. Alexa becomes even more useful when you start adding more device to your home, but […]

How to Remove Something from the Apple Watch Dock

There is an app screen on the Apple Watch that you can access by pressing the crown button on the side of the watch. This allows you to open any app that is currently installed on the device. But that app screen can fill up pretty quickly, and it can be difficult to find and […]

How to Control Spotify on Other Devices from Your iPhone Lock Screen

The Spotify Connect feature allows you to choose different devices on which to play the music from your iPhone Spotify app. Simply select the desired device from within the app, then the music will start playing on that device, and you can control it from within the open app. But you might be interested in […]

How to End Calls By Pressing the Power Key in Android Marshmallow

The traditional way to end a call on your Android smartphone is to press a button on the screen. Typically this is a perfectly acceptable way to complete that action, and it’s likely that a significant majority of people that use smartphones would ever consider an alternate method for ending a call. But this method […]

How to Set Default Alert Times for the iPhone Calendar

The Calendar app on your iPhone is a great way to manage your schedule. Adding an event is a short process through the app, and can even be done with Siri’s assistance. But a crucial element of a calendar system for many phone users is the alert that you receive before a scheduled event is […]

How to Clear Play History in the iPhone YouTube App

Like the Web browsers that you use to read Web pages, the YouTube app that you use to watch videos on your iPhone stores your history. This makes it easy for you to find videos that you have already watched, plus it lets YouTube give you recommendations for other videos based on what you have […]

How to Enable Restricted Mode in the iPhone YouTube App

YouTube is the largest online source for user-created videos, as well as professionally-created videos uploaded by companies and professional content creators. It is an excellent way to entertain yourself, or to learn how to do certain tasks. It is also very popular among both children and adults. If you have a child with an iPhone, […]

iPhone YouTube App – How to Enable Full Quality Uploads

The camera on your iPhone is surprisingly good and, depending upon the iPhone model you have, it’s possible that it can even record video at 4K. But you may have noticed that the quality of the videos you are uploading isn’t great so you may be looking for an option that lets you upload to […]