How to Set a Monogram on Your Apple Watch

There are a lot of settings and customizations that you can make on the Apple Watch and, if you spend enough time fiddling around with the device, you are sure to find new and interesting settings that you want to use. One of these settings is the Complication that is offered by some of the […]

How to Automatically Download Books & Audiobooks on an iPhone 7

The iTunes Store offers you the option to browse for music, movies, books and more. You can then purchase and download those files to your iOS devices. It’s common for individuals to have more than one iOS device that share the same Apple ID, and you may find that you are buying books or audiobooks […]

How to Turn Off Grayscale on an Apple Watch

Is your Apple Watch suddenly only displaying black, white, and gray colors? This could be a little alarming if you didn’t do it intentionally. The bright colors and vivid display of the Apple Watch is certainly one of its more appealing features so, when that disappears, it can be cause for concern. Fortunately your watch […]

How Many Songs Do I Have in the Music App on My iPhone 7?

The Music app on your iPhone is the place to go when you want to listen to songs that you have bought from iTunes, imported from your computer, or downloaded from Apple Music. It is very easy to acquire songs on your iPhone and, if you spend a lot of time listening to music on […]

How to Turn Off Live Photos on an iPhone 7

Your iPhone 7’s camera has a feature that adds a small amount of movement to a picture when you first open it. This is an interesting way to add some additional life to a picture. But you may not like this, which can lead you to look for a way to turn it off. Fortunately […]

How to Bookmark a Page in Firefox on an iPhone 7

Web browser bookmarks are a great way to save a Web page that you enjoy, or visit often. Navigating to a bookmarked page only requires a couple of clicks, and you don’t need to worry about remembering the name of the site, the title of the page, or any other identifying information that can be […]

How to Use the Mickey Mouse Face on Your Apple Watch

Aside from all of the useful interactions with the apps on your iPhone, the Apple Watch is also a device that you wear on your wrist to tell time. Watches have long been a fashion accessory, and the appearance of the watch is important for many people. Luckily the Apple Watch offers a number of […]

How to Close an App in Android Marshmallow

Your Android Marshmallow smartphone does a good job of managing its resource usage. Apps that are currently active on your screen will be given a bulk of the memory and processing power of the device, while apps that are running in the background will be of secondary concern. But occasionally you might find that an […]

How to Turn Off Delivery Reports for Text Messages in Android Marshmallow

If you are often worried that your text message recipients are not receiving your messages, then you may use the delivery report feature in Android Marshmallow. This allows you to see the details of a particular message so that you can tell if it ever reached the intended contact. But if you don’t use delivery […]

How to Require Authentication for Google Play Purchases in Marshmallow

It can be very easy to purchase something from the Google Play Store on your Android phone. If you are the only person that ever uses the device, then that convenience might be worth the security risk of allowing purchases without any other kind of information. But if you have a small child, or live […]