iPhone SE – How to Remove the Tips App

Your iPhone comes with a number of preinstalled apps that are meant to be helpful both as you first start using your device, as well as after you have become a seasoned pro at navigating it. The Tips app was introduced in iOS 8, and served the purpose of providing occasional assistance in using the […]

iPhone SE – How to Turn on Automatic App Updates

You can download and install app updates on your iPhone SE by going to the App Store and selecting the Updates tab. If there are updates available for your installed apps, they will appear here. But as the number of apps that you install on your iPhone increases, the amount of updates that appear her […]

iPhone SE – How to Turn Off Text Message Read Receipts

Read receipts are something that have been a part of email communication for a while, and are a part of text messaging, too. Some users like to know that their intended recipients have received their messages, and a read receipt is a way for that to potentially happen. Essentially what happens is that the sent […]

iPhone SE – How to Switch to a 4 Digit Passcode

Your iPhone gives you a few different ways that you can unlock your phone. You can use Touch ID (at least on some models), you can use a 6 digit number, you can use a mixture of letters and numbers, or you can use a 4 digit number. But you might not have seen the […]

iPhone SE – How to Access the Flashlight from the Lock Screen

There are a lot of times that a flashlight can come in handy. Unfortunately most of us don’t carry flashlights around with us all of the time, which can leave us literally in the dark. You might have considered downloading a flashlight app from the App Store to help you in these situations, but there […]

iPhone SE – How to Turn On or Turn Off the Pop Up Blocker

Are you getting unwanted pop-ups on your iPhone? Or maybe you need a pop-up, but it is being blocked? The Safari browser on your iPhone has a pop-up blocker that is turned on by default, but it is a setting that you can adjust. Our guide below will show you where to find the iPhone […]

iPhone SE – How to Turn Off Location Services

A lot of the apps and services on your iPhone rely on knowing your physical location. Whether it’s an app that gives you driving directions, or one that helps you find nearby restaurants, this is only possible when your phone can use location data to determine which results are most applicable to you. But if […]

iPhone SE – How to Change the Ringtone

Your iPhone’s ringtone is something that you are going to hear every time you receive a phone call, so it’s a good idea to use a ringtone that is noticeable and sounds good. If your family members, friends and coworkers all have iPhones, then you have probably noticed that many of them use the same […]

iPhone SE – How to Show Remaining Battery Life as a Number

The technical specs of the iPhone SE indicate that the device should get approximately 14 hours of talk time over 3G on a single battery charge, or 13 hours of Internet browsing over Wi-Fi. But much of your iPhone usage is going to be spread around a number of different apps and activities, so it’s […]

How to Check the Available Storage Space on an iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is a terrific iPhone model that is a convenient blend of power and affordability. But it suffers from the same problem that most smartphones do; the limited amount of device storage space can get filled very quickly, leading to messages or notifications that you are almost out of space. You can view […]