How to Show a Preview of a Gmail Message on Your iPhone 5 Lock Screen

Do you like to see alerts about text messages on your iPhone’s lock screen, and wish that you could set up something similar for your email? This can be accomplished by configuring the alert settings for that email account in your Notification Center.

Alerts can be very helpful for letting you know when you have received a new message, as you can see them on your lock screen without actually opening up the Mail app. This can save you some time, as you will only need to unlock your screen and open the Mail app if you notice that there is a message that you have been expecting, or that requires your attention. So continue reading below to see how you can set up your Gmail account so that alerts are displayed on your lock screen that show a short preview of the new email.


Show Gmail Message Previews on the Lock Screen in iOS 7

The steps below were performed in iOS 7, on an iPhone 5. If your screen looks different than those in the images below, then you may be using an older version of iOS. You can learn how to update to iOS 7 with this article.


Step 1: Touch the Settings icon.

touch the settings icon



Step 2: Select the Notification Center.

select the notification center



Step 3: Scroll down and select the Mail option.

touch the mail option



Step 4: Select your Gmail account from the list of accounts.

select the gmail option



Step 5: Select the Alert option at the top of the screen.

how to show gmail previews on your iphone lock screen



Step 6: Scroll down and touch the button to the right of Show on Lock Screen, and the button to the right of Show Preview.

turn on the lock screen and show preview options



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