How to Turn Off Color Filters on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Turning off color filters on your iPhone 15 is simpler than you might think. In a nutshell, you’ll dive into the Accessibility settings, where you’ll find the option to tweak or completely disable these filters. Ready to get your display looking just the way you like it? Let’s jump in!

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Step by Step Tutorial: Turning off Color Filters on iPhone 15

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, it’s good to know that color filters on the iPhone are there to help folks with color blindness or other vision challenges. But if you don’t need them, turning them off can get your screen colors back to standard. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Open the Settings app

Tap on the Settings icon on your home screen to begin.

The Settings app is like the control center for your iPhone. It’s where you can tweak and tune all sorts of features to your liking.

Step 2: Tap on Accessibility

Scroll down and find the Accessibility option, then tap on it.

Accessibility features are designed to make your iPhone easier to use for people with various disabilities, but they include some neat customization options for everyone.

Step 3: Select Display & Text Size

In the Accessibility menu, look for the Display & Text Size option and give it a tap.

This section contains all the settings related to how things look on your screen, making it easier to read and see everything clearly.

Step 4: Find Color Filters

Within the Display & Text Size menu, look for the Color Filters option.

Here’s where the magic happens. You can adjust filters to change how colors appear on your screen, which can be a huge help for color vision deficiencies.

Step 5: Turn off Color Filters

Tap the switch next to Color Filters to turn them off.

Once you flip that switch, your display will immediately go back to its default color settings. It’s that easy!

After you complete these steps, you’ll notice that your iPhone’s display colors will return to their original settings. If you ever feel like the colors aren’t quite right or you’re curious about what other filter options are available, you can always go back and play around with the settings.

Tips: Managing Color Filters on iPhone 15

  • If you’re unsure which filter is active, simply look at the checkmark next to the filter name.
  • You can customize color filters to suit your specific vision needs by selecting and adjusting individual options.
  • Remember that turning off color filters will affect everything on your display, so make sure you’re happy with the change.
  • If you’re helping someone else with their iPhone, always check with them first before changing their settings.
  • It’s possible to create a shortcut to toggle color filters on and off quickly without going through settings each time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are color filters used for?

Color filters are primarily designed to assist those with color vision deficiencies, making it easier for them to distinguish between different colors on their screen.

Can I customize a color filter instead of turning it off?

Absolutely! If you find the default filters aren’t quite right for you, you can tweak them to better suit your needs.

Will turning off color filters affect my battery life?

No, turning off color filters won’t have any impact on your iPhone’s battery life.

Can I turn color filters on and off quickly?

Yes, you can set up an Accessibility Shortcut to quickly toggle color filters on and off by triple-clicking the side button.

If I turn off color filters, can I turn them back on later?

Of course! You can easily turn color filters back on anytime by following the same steps and toggling the switch back on.


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on Accessibility.
  3. Select Display & Text Size.
  4. Find Color Filters.
  5. Turn off Color Filters.


Who knew that something as technical-sounding as color filters could be so easy to manage on your iPhone 15? With just a few taps, you can have your display looking exactly as you like it. Whether you need the filters to see more clearly or prefer the unaltered colors, your iPhone is flexible enough to accommodate your preferences. Remember, it’s always about making the technology work for you, not the other way around. So go ahead, tweak those settings until your heart’s content, and enjoy your iPhone to its fullest. After all, that’s what the incredible technology in our hands is for – to enhance our everyday experiences, including the simple joy of seeing colors just as we like them.

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