How to Slow Down a Video on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Slowing down a video on your iPhone 15 is a breeze. All you need is the Photos app that comes pre-installed on your phone. In less than a minute, you can take a fast-paced video and transform it into a slow-motion masterpiece, perfect for highlighting those epic moments or just adding a dramatic effect. Ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Slow Down a Video on iPhone 15

Before we start, remember that these steps are for the iPhone 15, so make sure you’ve updated your device. Slowing down a video can create a cool effect, perfect for emphasizing parts of your footage.

Step 1: Open the Photos app

Open the Photos app on your iPhone 15. This is where all your videos and pictures are stored.

Once you’re in the Photos app, find the video you want to slow down. You can use the search feature if you have lots of content and need to find it quickly.

Step 2: Select the video

Tap on the video you want to edit to select it.

After tapping on the video, it will open in full-screen mode. Here you can view it before making any changes.

Step 3: Tap “Edit” in the top right corner

In the top right corner of the screen, you’ll see an “Edit” option. Tap this to start editing your video.

The “Edit” feature in the Photos app is pretty powerful. You can do a lot more than just slow down videos, but for now, let’s focus on that.

Step 4: Tap the “Time” icon

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a time icon (it looks like a little stopwatch). Tap this to access the speed settings.

The time icon is your gateway to adjusting video playback speed. You can also use it to create time-lapse videos if you’re feeling creative!

Step 5: Adjust the slider to slow down the video

You’ll see a slider that can be adjusted to control the speed of the video. Drag it to the left to slow the video down.

As you adjust the slider, you’ll see a live preview of how the video will look. Play around with it until you’re happy with the speed.

Step 6: Tap “Done” to save your changes

Once you’re satisfied with the new speed of your video, tap “Done” in the bottom right corner to save the changes.

Congratulations, you’ve just slowed down your video! It’s now ready to be shared with the world or just kept for your personal collection.

After completing these steps, your video will be saved in slow motion in your Photos app. You can watch it, share it, or even edit it again if you want to adjust the speed further. The great thing about the iPhone 15 is that it makes video editing super simple, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Tips on How to Slow Down a Video on iPhone 15

  • Tip 1: If your video is very long, consider trimming it first before slowing it down, as this can make the slow-motion effect more impactful.
  • Tip 2: Use the slow-motion effect selectively – slowing down the entire video can sometimes lessen the dramatic effect.
  • Tip 3: Keep in mind that slowing down a video might decrease its quality, so avoid slowing it down too much.
  • Tip 4: You can combine slow motion with other editing features, like filters, to create an even more unique video.
  • Tip 5: Remember to always save a copy of the original video in case you want to revert back to the normal speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reverse the slow-motion effect after saving the video?

Yes, you can always go back and edit the video again to change the speed back to normal or adjust it as needed.

Will slowing down my video affect the audio?

Slowing down a video can indeed affect the audio, making it deeper and also slower. Keep this in mind if the original audio is important to your video.

What’s the slowest speed I can set my video to on an iPhone 15?

The slowest speed you can set is 1/8 of the original speed. This can vary depending on the length and quality of your video.

Can I slow down a video that I’ve already edited?

Yes, you can re-edit videos as many times as you like, even if they’ve already been edited before.

Is there a limit to how many videos I can slow down?

No, there’s no limit. You can edit as many videos as you want on your iPhone 15.


  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Select the video to edit.
  3. Tap “Edit.”
  4. Tap the “Time” icon.
  5. Adjust the slider to slow down the video.
  6. Tap “Done” to save changes.


Slowing down a video on your iPhone 15 is a fun and easy way to add a touch of drama or highlight a special moment. Whether you’re a budding filmmaker or just someone who loves to play around with their phone’s features, the built-in Photos app has got you covered. Just follow the simple steps outlined in this article, and you’ll be creating slow-motion masterpieces in no time. And the best part? You can do it all right from the palm of your hand. So go ahead, give it a try, and see how slowing down a video can change the entire feel of your footage. Your iPhone 15 is more than just a phone; it’s a powerful creative tool, and you’re the artist.