How to Enable Samsung TV Motion Smoothing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Enabling motion smoothing on a Samsung TV is a nifty trick to make your viewing experience more fluid and less blurry, especially during fast-moving scenes. This feature, also known as Auto Motion Plus, can be tweaked to your personal preference within minutes. Let’s dive into a simple guide on how to get it done.

Step by Step Tutorial on Enabling Samsung TV Motion Smoothing

Before we jump into the steps, let’s go over what we’ll be doing. We’ll be navigating through your Samsung TV’s settings menu to find the option for Auto Motion Plus. Once we find it, we’ll adjust the settings to enable motion smoothing.

Step 1: Press the Menu Button on Your Remote

The first step is to grab your remote and press the Menu button. This will bring up the main menu on your TV screen.

Once you press the Menu button, you’ll see various options on your TV screen. Use the arrow keys on your remote to navigate through these options.

Step 2: Select Picture Settings

Next, you’ll need to find and select the Picture settings option. This is where you can adjust various aspects of your TV’s display.

In the Picture settings menu, you’ll find options like brightness, contrast, and color. But for now, we’re looking for something specific – the Auto Motion Plus settings.

Step 3: Scroll to Expert Settings and Select It

Within the Picture settings, you’ll see an option for Expert Settings. Go ahead and select this to access more advanced options.

Expert Settings is where Samsung hides all the nitty-gritty settings that can really fine-tune your viewing experience. It might seem a bit intimidating, but don’t worry, we’re here for one thing only.

Step 4: Find and Select Auto Motion Plus Settings

Now, look for the Auto Motion Plus option and select it. This is where you can adjust the motion smoothing feature on your Samsung TV.

Once you select Auto Motion Plus, you’ll be presented with different options that control how the motion smoothing works. You can choose presets or customize the settings to your liking.

Step 5: Adjust the Auto Motion Plus Settings According to Your Preference

Finally, adjust the Auto Motion Plus settings to your preference. You can set it to Off, Auto, or Custom. If you choose Custom, you can further adjust the Blur and Judder Reduction settings.

The Blur and Judder Reduction settings control how smooth the motion appears. You can play around with these until you find the perfect balance for whatever you’re watching. Remember, what works for sports may not work for movies, so feel free to tweak these settings whenever you switch up what you’re viewing.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, your Samsung TV will have motion smoothing enabled and you should notice a difference when watching fast-paced content.

Tips for Enabling Samsung TV Motion Smoothing

  • Keep in mind that some people find motion smoothing to be unnatural or even uncomfortable to watch. It’s all about personal preference.
  • If you’re watching a movie and want to preserve the film’s original look, you might want to turn off motion smoothing.
  • Sports and video games generally benefit the most from motion smoothing due to their fast-paced nature.
  • Don’t hesitate to switch between different presets for different types of content until you find what looks best to you.
  • If you’re not sure about the changes, compare the picture with motion smoothing on and off to see which you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is motion smoothing?

Motion smoothing is a feature on modern TVs that aims to reduce motion blur in fast-moving scenes by artificially adding frames.

Can motion smoothing be turned off?

Yes, motion smoothing can be turned off in the TV’s settings under the Auto Motion Plus options.

Does motion smoothing affect all content the same way?

No, motion smoothing can have different effects on different types of content. For example, it can make movies look like soap operas, a look commonly referred to as the “soap opera effect.”

Will motion smoothing cause input lag while gaming?

It can potentially cause input lag. If you’re a gamer, you might want to turn off motion smoothing or adjust the settings to minimize lag.

Can adjusting motion smoothing settings improve the picture quality?

Yes, adjusting motion smoothing settings can improve picture quality during fast-moving scenes by making them appear smoother and clearer.


  1. Press the Menu button on your remote.
  2. Select Picture settings.
  3. Scroll to and select Expert Settings.
  4. Find and select Auto Motion Plus settings.
  5. Adjust the Auto Motion Plus settings to your preference.


Say goodbye to blurry action scenes and hello to smooth, crisp viewing with your Samsung TV’s motion smoothing feature. Whether you’re immersed in the latest high-speed car chase blockbuster or cheering on your favorite team in a nail-biting match, enabling and tweaking the Auto Motion Plus settings ensures you catch every detail without the blur. Remember, personal preference plays a big role here, so don’t be afraid to experiment with the settings to find what’s just right for you. And who knows, once you’ve mastered this feature, you might just be the go-to tech whiz in your household. So, grab that remote, dive into those settings, and elevate your Samsung TV viewing experience today!

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