How to Shift Pictures Down in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Shifting pictures down in Google Docs is a simple process that involves clicking and dragging the image to the desired location. You can also use the alignment and text wrapping options to position the image precisely where you want it. Now, let’s dive into the steps to make this happen.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Shift Pictures Down in Google Docs

Before we begin, let’s understand what these steps are going to accomplish. By following these steps, you’ll be able to move any image in your Google Doc down to where you need it. This can be handy for organizing your document’s layout or making room for additional content.

Step 1: Click on the image you want to move

Click on the image in your Google Doc that you want to shift down.

When you click on the image, you will see a blue border appear around it, indicating that it’s selected. If the image is not selected, you won’t be able to move it.

Step 2: Drag the image down to the desired location

Click and hold the image, then drag it down to where you want it to be in the document.

As you drag the image, you’ll see a ghost image that shows where the picture will be placed when you release the mouse button. Make sure you drag it to the exact spot you want before letting go.

Step 3: Adjust the text wrapping and alignment, if necessary

If the image doesn’t sit right with the text, click on the image and then click on the “Wrap text” option in the toolbar to adjust how the text flows around the image.

The “Wrap text” option will allow you to choose how close the text wraps around the image, and you can also select “Break text” so the text will appear above and below the image without wrapping around it. The alignment options, such as “Center” or “Right align,” can also help position the image more precisely.

After completing these actions, your image will be in the new location you have chosen, and the text will be adjusted accordingly.

Tips for Shifting Pictures Down in Google Docs

  • If you’re having trouble selecting the image, try clicking on its edge.
  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard for finer control over the image’s position after clicking on it.
  • If you need the image to move down but stay aligned with the text, consider using the “Position” option under the image options.
  • Be mindful of the overall layout of your document, as moving images can affect the flow and readability.
  • Remember to save your document after making changes to ensure you don’t lose your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select multiple images at once?

To select multiple images, hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key (Command on Mac) and click on each image you want to select.

What if I can’t move the image?

Make sure the image is not locked or set to ‘In line’ in the image options. If it is, you will need to change it to a different text wrapping option.

Can I move an image to another page?

Yes, you can drag the image down to the bottom of the current page, and it will automatically move to the top of the next page.

How do I ensure the image stays centered when moving it?

Use the alignment options in the toolbar to center the image after you’ve moved it to the desired location.

What should I do if the text becomes distorted after moving the image?

Adjust the text wrapping settings or consider resizing the image to better fit the space.


  1. Click on the image you want to move.
  2. Drag the image down to the desired location.
  3. Adjust the text wrapping and alignment, if necessary.


Being able to shift pictures down in Google Docs is a handy skill that can help you create more visually appealing documents. Whether you’re working on a report, a presentation, or any other kind of document, knowing how to adjust images quickly and efficiently can save you time and frustration. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to move images with ease, ensuring that your document looks just the way you want it to. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t hesitate to experiment with different layouts and designs. With a little bit of patience and creativity, you’ll master the art of image placement in Google Docs in no time!

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