How to Read Aloud in Word 2019: A Step-by-Step Guide

Reading aloud in Word 2019 is a useful feature that can help you proofread your documents or assist those with reading difficulties. To use this feature, you simply need to access the ‘Review’ tab, select ‘Read Aloud’ and let Word do the rest.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Read Aloud in Word 2019

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to know that the ‘Read Aloud’ feature in Word 2019 uses text-to-speech technology to convert your written words into spoken words. This can be incredibly helpful for catching mistakes or just for listening to your document for better understanding.

Step 1: Open your document in Word 2019

Open the Word document you wish to have read aloud.

Once your document is open, you’re ready to start using the ‘Read Aloud’ feature.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Review’ tab

Click on the ‘Review’ tab in the Word ribbon at the top of the page.

The ‘Review’ tab is where you’ll find all the tools you need for proofreading and reviewing your document.

Step 3: Click on ‘Read Aloud’

Find and select the ‘Read Aloud’ button in the ‘Speech’ group.

You’ll notice that as soon as you click ‘Read Aloud,’ Word will start reading the text from the beginning of the document, or from where your cursor is placed.

Step 4: Control the reading

Use the controls that appear to pause, play, skip forward, or rewind the reading.

You can adjust the reading speed and the voice in the ‘Read Aloud’ settings if you click on the ‘Settings’ icon in the control panel.

After you complete these steps, Word will begin reading your document aloud. You can follow along and make any necessary changes as you listen.

Tips: Enhancing Your Experience with Read Aloud in Word 2019

  • Use headphones for a clearer and more private listening experience.
  • Customize the reading voice and speed to your preference.
  • Highlight text to have only specific sections read aloud.
  • Use ‘Read Aloud’ as a tool for learning pronunciation or language practice.
  • Try out the feature with different types of documents to see how it can benefit your workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the voice that reads the document?

Yes, you can change the reading voice in the ‘Read Aloud’ settings.

Different voices can provide a different experience, so feel free to experiment with the options available.

Is ‘Read Aloud’ available in all versions of Word?

‘Read Aloud’ is available in Word 2019 and in the latest versions of Word that come with Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

If you have an older version of Word, you might not have this feature.

Can I use ‘Read Aloud’ for languages other than English?

Yes, ‘Read Aloud’ supports multiple languages, provided you have the necessary text-to-speech engines installed on your computer.

Make sure you have the language pack installed for the language you want to use.

How do I stop Word from reading aloud?

To stop ‘Read Aloud’, you can click the ‘X’ on the control panel or press the ‘Read Aloud’ button again.

You can start and stop the reading as many times as you need to.

Can ‘Read Aloud’ read text from images or PDFs?

‘Read Aloud’ cannot read text embedded in images or from PDF files within Word. It only reads the text that is in the Word document itself.

If you need to read text from an image or PDF, you will need to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to convert it into editable text first.


  1. Open your document.
  2. Click on the ‘Review’ tab.
  3. Select ‘Read Aloud’.
  4. Control the reading with the on-screen controls.


Reading aloud in Word 2019 is a powerful feature that can greatly enhance your productivity and help you catch errors that might be missed during silent reading. It’s also an invaluable tool for those with disabilities or for anyone who learns better through auditory means. With customizable settings and easy-to-use controls, Word’s ‘Read Aloud’ function is a feature that everyone should explore and utilize.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who loves to write, taking advantage of this feature can save you time and improve the quality of your work. Why not give it a try with your next document? You might be surprised at how useful it can be.

Remember, the ability to have your documents read aloud is just one of the many ways Word 2019 can help streamline your workflow and make your life a little easier. So next time you’re reviewing a lengthy report or proofreading your latest blog post, let Word do the reading for you. It’s like having your own personal assistant, just one that resides within your computer.

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