How to Find and Use Google Docs Read Aloud Feature

Listening to a document being read aloud can be a game-changer, especially for those who are visual learners, have reading difficulties, or just need to rest their eyes. Google Docs has a nifty feature that does just that – it reads your document out loud. To use Google Docs read aloud, all you need is a device with internet access and a Google account. Let’s dive into the details.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Find and Use Google Docs Read Aloud

Before we get into the steps, let me just say that using Google Docs Read Aloud is super easy and incredibly useful. Whether you’re proofreading, learning a new language, or need a break from the screen, this feature has got you covered. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Open your Google Docs document

First things first, open up the Google Docs document you want to have read aloud.

Once you have your document open, you’re ready to move on to the next step. Make sure you’re logged into your Google account to access all of the features.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Tools’ menu

Next, click on the ‘Tools’ menu at the top of your page.

In the ‘Tools’ menu, you’ll find a bunch of useful features, but we’re looking for the ‘Accessibility settings.’

Step 3: Select ‘Accessibility settings’

In the ‘Tools’ menu, click on ‘Accessibility settings.’

After clicking on ‘Accessibility settings,’ a small window will pop up with different options to make your document more accessible.

Step 4: Check ‘Turn on Screen Reader Support’

In the ‘Accessibility settings’ window, check the box that says ‘Turn on Screen Reader Support.’

Turning on Screen Reader Support will enable the Read Aloud feature, along with other accessibility options.

Step 5: Use shortcut ‘Ctrl+Alt+X’ to start reading aloud

Finally, press the shortcut ‘Ctrl+Alt+X’ on your keyboard to start the read aloud feature.

You’ll hear a voice start reading your document from the beginning, or from wherever your cursor is placed. You can pause, play, and skip through the text using additional shortcuts.

After completing these steps, your Google Docs document will start being read aloud to you. Sit back, relax, and let your computer do the reading!

Tips for Using Google Docs Read Aloud

When using Google Docs Read Aloud, keep these tips in mind to enhance your experience:

  • You can change the voice and speed of the reader in your computer’s system settings.
  • If you want to skip to a different part of the document, simply place your cursor where you want to start and use the read aloud shortcut again.
  • This feature works best with text; it may not read aloud images or charts.
  • Use headphones for a clearer and more private listening experience.
  • Remember to turn off ‘Screen Reader Support’ when you’re done if you don’t need it for other tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Google Docs Read Aloud read in different languages?

Yes, it can! However, the quality and availability depend on the language and your system’s text-to-speech capabilities.

Is Google Docs Read Aloud free to use?

Absolutely, it’s a free feature within Google Docs which is accessible with any Google account.

Can I use Google Docs Read Aloud on my phone?

Yes, you can use it on your phone by accessing Google Docs through the mobile browser or the Google Docs app.

Does Read Aloud work with PDFs in Google Docs?

No, Read Aloud is designed to work with text in Google Docs format. You’d need to convert a PDF to a Google Doc first.

Can Google Docs Read Aloud read only a selected portion of the text?

Yes, place your cursor at the start of the desired text and highlight the section you want to be read aloud.


  1. Open your Google Docs document.
  2. Click on the ‘Tools’ menu.
  3. Select ‘Accessibility settings’.
  4. Check ‘Turn on Screen Reader Support’.
  5. Use shortcut ‘Ctrl+Alt+X’ to start reading aloud.


Google Docs read aloud is an incredibly useful feature that can aid in multitasking, learning, and accessibility. Whether you’re proofreading your work or just need a break from the screen, having your document read to you can be a real time-saver. Remember to take advantage of the customization options, like changing the voice and speed, to make the experience as pleasant as possible for your needs. And don’t forget those shortcuts – they’ll make navigating your document a breeze while listening to it. So, why not give it a try? You might just wonder how you ever managed without it.

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