How to Move Your Folders Anywhere on an iPhone 14: A Step-by-Step Guide

Managing your iPhone 14’s folders is a breeze once you know how. In just a few taps and swipes, you can rearrange your apps and keep your home screen organized. Ready to learn how it’s done? Let’s dive into the simple steps to move your folders anywhere on your iPhone 14.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Move Your Folders on iPhone 14

Moving folders on your iPhone 14 is like giving your apps a new home. It’s all about personalizing your phone to work best for you. Follow these steps, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Step 1: Press and Hold the Folder You Want to Move

Start by pressing and holding the folder you wish to relocate.

When you press and hold the folder, it will begin to jiggle. This jiggling is your iPhone’s way of telling you that you’re in edit mode and can now move or delete apps and folders.

Step 2: Drag the Folder to Its New Location

With the folder still jiggling, drag it to the spot you want it to be.

As you drag the folder across the screen, other apps and folders will move out of the way. Don’t worry about disrupting your layout; everything will fall back into place once you’re done.

Step 3: Release the Folder

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your folder, simply release it.

After you let go, the folder will settle into its new position. If you change your mind, you can always move it again following the same steps.

Step 4: Press the Home Button or Swipe Up to Exit Edit Mode

To finish up, press the home button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen if you have an iPhone with Face ID.

Exiting edit mode will save the new positions of your folders and apps. You’re all set!

After completing these steps, your folders will be exactly where you want them. It’s like giving your iPhone a little makeover, and who doesn’t love that? Plus, you’ll probably find it easier to use your phone with everything organized just the way you like it.

Tips for Moving Your Folders on iPhone 14

  • When in edit mode, you can also rename your folders. Just tap the name and type in the new one.
  • To make a new folder, drag one app onto another, and a folder will be created automatically.
  • If you accidentally move a folder, don’t panic. Just move it back to where it was, no harm done.
  • You can move multiple folders one after another without exiting edit mode. Just keep dragging and dropping.
  • If your folders are full, consider cleaning them out. Delete apps you no longer use to make room for new ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move folders to the dock at the bottom of the iPhone screen?

Yes, you can move a folder to the dock, but remember the dock has limited space, so you can only have four items, including apps and folders, in it at a time.

What if I want to move a folder to another page?

To move a folder to another page, drag it to the edge of the screen, and the page will switch. Then, drop the folder wherever you like.

Can I undo a folder move?

There’s no direct undo, but you can always manually move the folder back to its original spot.

How do I delete a folder?

To delete a folder, drag all the apps out of it. The folder will disappear once it’s empty.

My folders won’t jiggle when I press them. What’s wrong?

Make sure you’re not pressing too hard. A gentle touch is enough to enter edit mode. If it still doesn’t work, try restarting your iPhone.


  1. Press and hold the folder.
  2. Drag the folder to a new location.
  3. Release the folder.
  4. Press the home button or swipe up to exit edit mode.


There you have it, a simple and straightforward guide on how to move your folders on an iPhone 14. Whether you’re a new iPhone user or just need a quick refresher, these steps will help you customize your phone’s layout to your liking. Remember, it’s not just about moving folders; it’s about making your iPhone work for you.

With your apps neatly organized, your productivity and phone navigation can improve significantly. So go ahead, give your iPhone a personal touch, and enjoy the satisfaction of a well-organized home screen. And remember, if you ever need to undo a move or rearrange your folders again, you now have the know-how to do it with ease.

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