How to Make PowerPoint Notes Invisible While Presenting

Making PowerPoint notes invisible during a presentation is a straightforward process. Simply use the Presenter View option, which shows your notes on your screen but not on the audience’s view. With a few clicks, you can deliver a seamless presentation without your notes being visible to everyone.

After completing this action, you will be able to present your PowerPoint slides without the audience seeing your personal notes, creating a more professional and clean presentation.


Imagine you’re giving a big presentation. Your slides are perfect, but you’re a bit nervous and could use some notes to keep you on track. The last thing you want is for your audience to see these notes, distracting from the impact of your slides. That’s where the ability to make PowerPoint notes invisible during a presentation comes in handy.

PowerPoint is an incredibly powerful tool for creating compelling presentations. Whether you’re a student, a business professional, or a lecturer, mastering PowerPoint is a valuable skill. One of the lesser-known features of PowerPoint is the ability to keep your speaker notes private while presenting. This feature is particularly important for anyone who relies on cues or additional information to deliver their presentation smoothly. It’s a simple trick that can make a big difference in how confidently you present your information.

Step by Step Tutorial on Making PowerPoint Notes Invisible

Before getting into the steps, it’s important to understand what we’re aiming for. By following these steps, you will be able to view your notes on your computer while only the slides are displayed to your audience. This allows you to reference your notes discreetly during your presentation.

Step 1: Set Up Multiple Monitors

Ensure that you have a second monitor or projector connected to your computer.

Having a second monitor or projector connected is essential for using Presenter View. This allows you to view your notes on one screen while the audience sees only the presentation on the other.

Step 2: Enable Presenter View

In PowerPoint, click on the ‘Slide Show’ tab and check the ‘Use Presenter View’ box.

Enabling Presenter View is the key action that hides your notes from the audience. This option is usually found in the ‘Monitors’ group on the ‘Slide Show’ tab.

Step 3: Start Your Slide Show

Start your slide show as you normally would, and your notes will be visible only to you.

Once Presenter View is enabled and you start your slide show, you’ll see your notes on your screen, while the audience will see only the slides.


ProfessionalismHaving your notes hidden from the audience gives your presentation a sleek, professional look.
Confidence BoosterKnowing your notes are there for your eyes only can lessen anxiety and boost your confidence during the presentation.
FlexibilityPresenter View allows you to see upcoming slides and notes, thus offering better control over your presentation flow.

Having your notes hidden from the audience helps maintain the focus on the content of your slides, rather than on your personal cues. This contributes to a more professional appearance and can help you make a better impression.

Knowing that you can reference your notes without the audience seeing them can be a significant confidence booster. This safety net allows you to focus on delivering your message rather than memorizing it.

With Presenter View, not only can you see your current slide’s notes, but you also get a preview of upcoming slides. This flexibility can be a game-changer, allowing you to better plan your transitions and manage your presentation’s pace.


Equipment DependencyYou need a second monitor or projector to use Presenter View, which isn’t always available.
Technical IssuesTechnical difficulties can arise, such as the second screen not being recognized.
Learning CurveIt may take time to become comfortable with Presenter View if you’re not tech-savvy.

One significant limitation is the need for additional equipment. Without a second monitor or projector, you won’t be able to use Presenter View.

Technical issues can also pose a problem, such as when the second screen isn’t immediately recognized by your computer, which could cause delays or disruptions to your presentation.

For those who are not tech-savvy, using Presenter View may require a bit of a learning curve. Becoming comfortable with this feature can take some practice.

Additional Information

When preparing for a presentation, there are a few extra tips you might find useful. First, rehearse with Presenter View ahead of time to become comfortable with toggling between your notes and the slides. Familiarize yourself with the controls, so you don’t fumble during the actual presentation.

Another tip is to keep your notes concise. Since you’ll be the only one seeing them, it might be tempting to write down everything, but this can be counterproductive. Short, keyword-based notes are generally more helpful than lengthy paragraphs.

Also, always have a backup plan. Technology can be unpredictable, so be prepared to give your presentation without your notes being visible on your screen. This could mean having a printout of your notes or being familiar enough with your material that you can present without them.

Finally, remember to engage with your audience. While it’s great to have notes, don’t become so reliant on them that you fail to make eye contact and connect with your audience. Presenter View is just a tool to aid you, not a crutch to lean on.


  1. Connect a second monitor or projector.
  2. Check the ‘Use Presenter View’ box in PowerPoint.
  3. Start your slide show to view notes on your screen and slides on the audience’s screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Presenter View?

Presenter View is a PowerPoint feature that allows you to view your notes on your screen while the audience sees only the presentation slides.

Can I use Presenter View without a second monitor?

No, Presenter View requires a second monitor or projector to function correctly.

How can I ensure my notes are completely invisible to the audience?

By using Presenter View and making sure your laptop is not mirrored on the projector or second screen.

What should I do if my computer doesn’t recognize the second monitor?

Check your connection and make sure that you have the correct display settings on your computer.

Can I still see the next slide in Presenter View?

Yes, Presenter View allows you to see not only your notes but also a preview of the upcoming slide.


In conclusion, making PowerPoint notes invisible during a presentation is a nifty trick that can make a significant difference in your delivery. It allows for a more professional appearance and can help boost your confidence as a speaker. By following the steps outlined, you’ll be able to leverage the power of Presenter View to keep your notes private while still engaging your audience with a polished presentation.

Always remember to practice ahead of time, keep your notes concise, and, most importantly, ensure that you’re prepared for any technical hiccups that might arise. Good luck with your presentations, and may your PowerPoint notes always remain invisible to your audience!

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