How to Make a Second Facebook Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a second Facebook account is easier than you might think. To do this, you’ll need a different email or phone number from the one you used on your first account. Just sign up like you did the first time, fill in your details, and you’re done! Follow these steps to get started.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Make a Second Facebook Account

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the steps to set up a second Facebook account.

Step 1: Open Facebook’s Sign-Up Page

Visit Facebook’s sign-up page by going to and clicking on “Create New Account.”

Once you’re on the page, you’ll see a form that asks for basic information like your name, email, or phone number. It’s the same form you filled out when you created your first account.

Step 2: Enter Your Information

Fill in your first and last name, mobile number or email, and a new password.

Make sure to use a different email address or phone number than the one associated with your first account. Facebook won’t allow you to use the same contact information for two accounts.

Step 3: Select Your Birth Date and Gender

Choose your date of birth and gender from the dropdown menus.

Picking your birth date and gender is important because it helps Facebook personalize your experience. Ensure the date is accurate for account recovery purposes.

Step 4: Click “Sign Up”

Press the “Sign Up” button to create your new account.

After clicking “Sign Up,” Facebook will send a verification code to your email or phone. This step ensures that the provided contact information is valid.

Step 5: Verify Your Account

Check your email or phone for the verification code, and enter it on Facebook.

The verification step is crucial to activate your account. Once verified, you’re ready to start using your new Facebook account.

After you complete these steps, you’ll have a second Facebook account. You can now use this account to connect with different groups of people or manage separate aspects of your social life.

Tips for Making a Second Facebook Account

  • Different Contact Information: Always use a different email or phone number for your second account.
  • Separate Profiles: Keep your profiles separate to avoid confusion between personal and professional contacts.
  • Privacy Settings: Adjust the privacy settings on your new account to suit your needs.
  • Use a Different Browser: If managing two accounts, consider using different browsers to log in simultaneously.
  • Regular Updates: Keep both accounts updated with photos and statuses to make them look active.

Frequently Asked Questions about Making a Second Facebook Account

Can I use the same email for two Facebook accounts?

No, Facebook requires a unique email or phone number for each account.

Is it against Facebook’s policy to have two accounts?

Technically, Facebook’s terms of service state that users should have only one personal account, but many people create second accounts for business or other purposes.

How do I switch between two Facebook accounts?

You can log out of one account and log into another, or use different browsers to stay logged into both.

Can I merge two Facebook accounts?

No, Facebook does not offer a way to merge two personal accounts into one.

What if I forget the password for my second account?

You can reset your password using the email or phone number associated with the second account.

Summary of Steps

  1. Open Facebook’s Sign-Up Page: Go to and click “Create New Account.”
  2. Enter Your Information: Fill in your name, email/phone, and password.
  3. Select Your Birth Date and Gender: Use the dropdown menus to select.
  4. Click “Sign Up”: Press the button to proceed.
  5. Verify Your Account: Enter the verification code sent to your email or phone.


Creating a second Facebook account is straightforward and useful for managing different aspects of your social life or business. While it’s easy to get set up, remember to keep your profiles distinct and take advantage of Facebook’s privacy settings. By following the steps outlined and considering the tips provided, you can smoothly navigate the process. If you’re juggling professional and personal life, a second account can be a real game-changer. So go ahead, set up that second account today, and enjoy the flexibility and organization it brings to your online presence.

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