How to Insert Copyright Symbol in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hey there! Are you looking to add that little © symbol to your Google Docs? Well, you’re in luck because it’s pretty simple, and I’m here to guide you through it. In less than a minute, you’ll know exactly how to insert the copyright symbol and make your document look all official and stuff. Ready to get started?

Step by Step Tutorial: Inserting Copyright Symbol in Google Docs

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s understand what we’re aiming to achieve here. By following these steps, you’re going to learn how to add the © symbol to your Google Docs, which is super handy for protecting your work. Let’s get going!

Step 1: Open Your Google Doc

First things first, open up the Google Doc where you want to insert the copyright symbol.

Opening your document is the starting point. Make sure you’re logged into your Google account and have the document ready.

Step 2: Place Your Cursor

Place your cursor in the spot where you want the symbol to appear.

This could be anywhere in your document—maybe at the bottom of a photo or at the end of a sentence.

Step 3: Use the Special Characters Tool

Now, click on ‘Insert’ at the top, then ‘Special characters’ from the drop-down menu.

Google Docs has a whole bunch of special characters, and this is where you’ll find the © symbol.

Step 4: Find the Copyright Symbol

In the special characters tool, type ‘copyright’ in the search box, or look for it manually in the symbols section.

When you type ‘copyright’, the © symbol should pop up. Click on it, and it will be added to your document.

Step 5: Insert the Symbol

Click on the copyright symbol, and it will magically appear in your document where your cursor is.

And just like that, you’ve inserted the © symbol. It’s really that easy!

After you complete these steps, you’ll see the © symbol sitting pretty in your document. This means you’ve successfully added an extra layer of protection to your work, and it looks more professional, too. Congrats!

Tips: Mastering the Copyright Symbol in Google Docs

  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut ‘Alt + 0169’ on Windows or ‘Option + G’ on a Mac to insert the copyright symbol quickly.
  • If you use the symbol often, consider adding it to your ‘Favorites’ in the special characters tool for easy access.
  • Remember that the copyright symbol is legally recognized, so use it appropriately.
  • If you’re on a Chromebook, use the ‘Ctrl + Shift + U’ followed by ’00A9′ and then ‘Enter’ to insert the symbol.
  • Don’t forget that Google Docs saves your changes automatically, so no need to worry about losing your work after inserting the symbol.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the copyright symbol doesn’t appear in my document?

Try refreshing the page or double-checking that you clicked the symbol in the special characters tool. If you’re using a keyboard shortcut, make sure you’re holding down the keys correctly.

Can I use the copyright symbol on Google Docs mobile app?

Yes, you can! The steps are similar—just tap on the ‘+’ sign, select ‘Insert’, then ‘Special characters’, and find the symbol.

Is the copyright symbol necessary for my work to be protected?

Adding the symbol can represent a claim to copyright, but your work is protected from the moment of creation, even without the symbol.

Can I customize the copyright symbol in Google Docs?

You can change the size and font of the copyright symbol just like any other text in your document.

What other symbols can I insert in Google Docs?

Google Docs’ special characters tool has a wide array of symbols, from mathematical to musical, so explore and see what else you might need!


  1. Open your Google Doc.
  2. Place your cursor.
  3. Use the ‘Insert’ then ‘Special characters’ tool.
  4. Find the copyright symbol.
  5. Click to insert the symbol.


Well, there you have it! You’re now well-equipped to insert the copyright symbol in Google Docs like a pro. Remember, whether you’re a writer, artist, or any kind of content creator, using the © symbol is a simple yet powerful way to communicate your ownership of a piece of work. But beyond just knowing how to insert the symbol, understanding how and when to use it is key in asserting your rights and protecting your creativity. So go ahead, give it a try on your next Google Doc, and take that extra step towards safeguarding your work. If you have any more questions or need further guidance, don’t hesitate to dive deeper into the world of copyright and digital content creation—knowledge is power, after all!

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