How to Draw on Google Docs iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Learning how to draw on Google Docs using an iPad can be a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your documents. This task can be completed quickly by using the built-in drawing tools available on the Google Docs app for iPad. By following these steps, you can create and insert drawings directly into your documents with ease.

How to Draw on Google Docs iPad

This section will guide you through the steps required to draw on Google Docs using an iPad. By the end of these instructions, you’ll be able to create a drawing and integrate it seamlessly into your document.

Step 1: Open Google Docs App

First, open the Google Docs app on your iPad and select the document you want to add a drawing to.

Ensure you are logged in to your Google account to access your documents. If the app isn’t installed, download it from the App Store and sign in.

Step 2: Tap the Edit Mode

Next, tap the pencil icon at the bottom right corner to enter edit mode.

Edit mode allows you to make changes to the document, including adding drawings. This step ensures you have the proper permissions to alter the document.

Step 3: Access the Insert Menu

Tap the plus (+) icon at the top right of the screen to open the Insert menu.

The Insert menu provides various options like adding tables, links, and images. This is where you will find the drawing tool.

Step 4: Select Drawing

From the Insert menu, select the “Drawing” option to open a new drawing canvas.

Selecting the Drawing option will open a blank canvas where you can create your drawing. You’ll see various tools available for drawing, like pen, highlighter, and shapes.

Step 5: Create Your Drawing

Use the tools provided to create your drawing. Once done, tap “Save and Close” to insert it into your document.

Experiment with different tools to create your desired drawing. The drawing will automatically be embedded into your document once you save and close the drawing canvas.

After completing these steps, your drawing will be inserted into your Google Docs document. You can move, resize, or edit the drawing as needed.

Tips for Drawing on Google Docs iPad

  • Use the Apple Pencil for more precise drawing.
  • Practice using different drawing tools like the pen, highlighter, and shapes.
  • Save your work frequently to avoid losing your drawing.
  • Utilize the undo and redo buttons to correct mistakes.
  • Experiment with colors to make your drawings more vibrant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit my drawing after I insert it into Google Docs?

Yes, you can tap on the drawing and select the “Edit” option to make further changes.

Is it possible to draw directly on the document without using the drawing tool?

No, you must use the drawing tool to create and insert drawings in Google Docs.

Do I need an internet connection to draw on Google Docs using an iPad?

Yes, an internet connection is required to save changes and access Google Docs online.

Can I use other styluses besides the Apple Pencil?

Yes, any stylus compatible with the iPad can be used to draw in Google Docs.

Are there any limitations to the drawing tools in Google Docs?

The drawing tools in Google Docs are basic and may not offer advanced features found in specialized drawing apps.


  1. Open Google Docs app.
  2. Tap the Edit mode.
  3. Access the Insert menu.
  4. Select Drawing.
  5. Create your drawing and save.


Drawing on Google Docs using an iPad can enhance your documents, making them more engaging and visually appealing. While the built-in drawing tools are simple, they are quite effective for basic sketches and annotations. Whether you are a student adding diagrams to your notes or a professional enhancing a presentation, these tools can add a lot of value.

If you are new to using an iPad for tasks like drawing, take some time to explore and practice. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different tools and colors to make your drawings stand out. And remember, frequent saving will ensure you don’t lose your hard work.

Feel free to revisit this guide whenever you need a refresher on how to draw on Google Docs using your iPad. Happy drawing!

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