How to Delete Multiple Pages in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Deleting multiple pages in Google Docs is a task that can seem daunting at first, but it’s actually quite simple. Whether you’re cleaning up a document or removing unnecessary pages, the process is straightforward. Just a few clicks, and you’ll have a neater, more organized document. Ready to get started?

Step by Step Tutorial: Deleting Multiple Pages in Google Docs

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to understand that deleting multiple pages in Google Docs involves selecting the content you want to remove and then using the backspace or delete key to get rid of it. Let’s break it down step by step.

Step 1: Open your document

First, open the Google Docs document from which you want to delete pages.

When you open your document, make sure you’re in editing mode. If you’re in suggestion or viewing mode, you won’t be able to delete pages.

Step 2: Use the mouse or trackpad to click and drag

Click at the beginning of the text on the first page you want to delete, then drag to the end of the last page.

As you click and drag, you’ll see the text being highlighted. Ensure that you only highlight the content that you want to delete, as anything highlighted will be removed.

Step 3: Press Backspace or Delete

After highlighting the text, press the backspace or delete key on your keyboard.

If you accidentally delete more than you intended, you can always use the undo function (Ctrl + Z on Windows, or Cmd + Z on Mac) to restore the text.

After completing these steps, the selected pages will be removed from your document, leaving you with a cleaner, more concise Google Doc.

What Happens After Deleting Pages

Once you’ve deleted the pages, you’ll notice that the content that was below the deleted pages will move up to fill the space. If you had any images or special formatting on those pages, they would be gone as well. It’s a good idea to review your document after deleting pages to make sure everything looks how you want it to.

Tips for Deleting Multiple Pages in Google Docs

  • Make sure you’re in editing mode before attempting to delete pages.
  • If you have a long document, use the ‘Find and replace’ feature to quickly navigate to specific pages or sections.
  • Double-check that you’ve only highlighted the text you want to delete before pressing backspace or delete.
  • Use page breaks strategically to organize your document better and make it easier to delete entire pages.
  • Remember that you can always use the undo function if you make a mistake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete multiple pages at once if they’re not consecutive?

You can, but you’ll have to delete each non-consecutive page individually by highlighting the content on each page and pressing delete or backspace.

What if there’s a header or footer on the pages I delete?

If you delete a page with a header or footer, that header or footer will also be deleted. If your header or footer is the same across multiple pages, it will only be removed from the pages you delete.

Can I recover pages after I’ve deleted them?

If you haven’t closed the document, you can undo the deletion using Ctrl + Z (Cmd + Z on Mac). If you’ve closed the document, you can restore a previous version from the document’s version history.

Does deleting pages affect the document’s formatting?

It can, particularly if you had images or special formatting on those pages. It’s a good idea to check the formatting after deleting pages.

What’s the easiest way to delete a single page?

Place your cursor at the beginning of the text on the page you want to delete, press shift, and then click at the end of the page. Press delete or backspace, and the page will be removed.


  1. Open your Google Docs document.
  2. Click and drag to highlight the text on the pages you want to delete.
  3. Press the backspace or delete key to remove the highlighted content.


Deleting multiple pages in Google Docs doesn’t have to be a headache. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can quickly and efficiently remove any unwanted pages from your document. It’s also helpful to remember the tips and FAQs to avoid any mishaps and ensure your document remains well-formatted. Whether you’re an avid user of Google Docs or just getting started, mastering this skill will save you time and help keep your documents looking sharp. So next time you find yourself with a few extra pages cluttering up your Google Doc, don’t panic—just delete, and tidy up that document like a pro!