How to Delay Delivery of an Email in Outlook 2013

If you use Outlook daily for personal or business reasons, then you have likely come to appreciate the number of features that it offers over standard Web-based email.

But one important feature that you may not have used yet is the ability to delay email delivery.

This is beneficial if you have already written an email but need to wait until a specific time to send it. I find this especially useful if I need to be away from my computer at the time when I need the email to be sent.

So if you have discovered a reason why you might need to delay delivery of a message in Outlook 2013 until a specific time, you can follow the steps outlined below.

Schedule Email Delivery in Outlook 2013

One important thing to remember when you are delaying delivery is that Outlook needs to be open to send the email.

If you close Outlook before the time that you have scheduled the email to be delivered, then it will not send until the next time you open Outlook.

Step 1: Launch Outlook 2013.

Step 2: Click the Home tab at the top of the window, then click the New Email button in the New section of the ribbon.

create a new email

Step 2: Click the Options tab at the top of the message window.

switch to the Options tab

Step 3: Click the Delay Delivery button in the More Options section of the window.

select the Delay Delivery option

Step 4: Check the box to the left of Do not deliver before in the Delivery Options section of the window.

check the box to the left of do not deliver before

Step 5: Select the date and time at which you want the email to be sent.

specify the date and time at which the email should be sent

Step 6: Click the Close button. You will note that the Delay Delivery button remains blue after you have done this.

the delay delivery button will remain blue when an email is scheduled

Step 7: Fill in all of the details for the email, then click the Send button.

Now that you know how to delay delivery of an email in Outlook 2013, you can use this feature if you have an email message that you want to create now but don’t want to send until some point in the future.

The email will then remain in your Outbox until the time that you specified. Again, remember that Outlook must be open at the time that you specified for the email to be sent.

We have previously written about how to delay delivery in Outlook 2010 as well.

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