Scheduling Emails in Outlook: A Guide to Timed Delivery

Scheduling emails in Outlook for timed delivery is a handy feature that allows you to write an email and have it sent automatically at a later time or date. This is especially useful if you want to send an email at a time when you’re not available, or if you want to time the delivery for when the recipient is more likely to read it. All you need is the Outlook desktop app and a few clicks, and you’re all set!

Step by Step Tutorial: Scheduling Emails in Outlook for Timed Delivery

This step-by-step guide will show you how to schedule an email in Outlook so that it’s sent out at the exact time and date you choose.

Step 1: Write your email

Compose your email just like you normally would. Write the recipient’s email address, subject line, and the body of your email.

Emails can be composed in advance, and scheduling them for later delivery ensures that you won’t forget to send them at the appropriate time. This feature is particularly useful for sending out meeting reminders, birthday wishes, or work-related emails after hours.

Step 2: Click on the “Options” tab

In the new email window, click on the “Options” tab at the top of the screen.

The “Options” tab gives you access to various settings for your email, including the ability to delay the delivery.

Step 3: Select “Delay Delivery”

Click on “Delay Delivery” which will open the Properties dialog box.

The “Delay Delivery” feature is where you can specify the date and time for when you want the email to be sent.

Step 4: Set the delivery date and time

Under the “Delivery options” section, tick the checkbox next to “Do not deliver before” and set your desired date and time.

Make sure to set the date and time correctly, considering the time zone differences if you’re sending an email to someone in a different part of the world.

Step 5: Click “Close” and then “Send”

After setting the date and time, click “Close” to exit the Properties dialog box, and then click “Send” to schedule your email.

Once you click “Send”, the email will be stored in your Outbox until the specified delivery time. It will then be sent automatically, even if you’re not online.

After completing these steps, your email will sit quietly in your Outbox until it’s time for it to make its journey to the recipient’s inbox. It’s like having a personal assistant who waits for the perfect moment to deliver your message!

Tips for Scheduling Emails in Outlook for Timed Delivery

  • Double-check the delivery time and date before sending, especially if it’s for an important event or meeting.
  • Keep in mind that scheduled emails will only be sent if Outlook is running and connected to the internet at the delivery time.
  • If you change your mind about the timing, you can always go back to the Outbox, open the email, and adjust the “Do not deliver before” settings.
  • Use this feature to space out your email responses, so you don’t bombard someone with too many emails at once.
  • Remember that while the email is scheduled, it can still be edited or deleted if your plans change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my computer is turned off at the scheduled delivery time?

If your computer is off or Outlook is not running, the email will not be sent until the next time Outlook is active.

Can I schedule emails on the mobile Outlook app?

No, this feature is currently only available on the desktop Outlook application.

Is it possible to schedule recurring emails?

Outlook does not natively support scheduling recurring emails. However, there are third-party add-ins that can add this functionality.

Can I see a list of all scheduled emails?

Yes, all scheduled emails can be found in the Outbox folder until their delivery time.

Does scheduling emails work with all email accounts in Outlook?

Scheduling emails should work with most email accounts that are set up in Outlook, but it’s always a good idea to test it out first.


  1. Compose your email.
  2. Click on the “Options” tab.
  3. Select “Delay Delivery”.
  4. Set the delivery date and time.
  5. Click “Close” and then “Send”.


Mastering the art of scheduling emails in Outlook for timed delivery can significantly enhance your email management skills, ensuring timely communication without the need to be constantly tethered to your inbox. Whether you’re handling time-sensitive information, managing international correspondence across time zones, or simply organizing your workload, this feature offers a strategic advantage in your daily digital interactions. With the straightforward steps outlined in this article, you’re now equipped to schedule emails like a pro, streamline your workflow, and maintain punctuality in your virtual exchanges. So why not give it a try and see how this nifty Outlook feature can boost your productivity?

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