How to Change a Shortcut Icon in Windows 7

The icons for your Windows 7 Desktop shortcut icons can be customized to suit your personal tastes. This includes modifying the specific icon that is used for a particular shortcut. This setting is not available for every single icon that you might have on your Desktop, but many of them can be adjusted to use a different icon than the one that is applied to the shortcut by default. Additionally, you can adjust the icon as many times as you wish, in case you get sick of a particular icon or if you want to make a different change depending upon a particular Windows 7 theme that you might be using.


Step 1: Right-click the icon, then click “Properties.”

Right click the shortcut icon, then click "Properties"


Step 2: Click the “Change Icon” button at the bottom of the window.

Click the Change Icon button


Step 3: Click the icon that you want to use, then click “OK.”

Select the new shortcut icon


Step 4: Click “Apply,” then click “OK.”

Apply the changes to your shortcut icon


Step 5: Return to your computer Desktop to view the new icon that you have chosen for oyur shortcut.

View your new icon

Some of the shortcut icons on your Desktop will only have a few additional icon options. For example, the Google Chrome shortcut icon only has about 5 different icon options that are all specific to the Google Chrome application. If you know the file location of a particular icon that you want to use, however, you can click the “Browse” button that appears at the top of the window after you click the “Change Icon” button of the “Properties” menu. newsletter

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