How to Hide Desktop Icons in Windows 11: A Quick and Easy Guide

Hiding desktop icons in Windows 11 is a simple task that can be done in just a few steps. First, right-click on your desktop, select “View,” and then uncheck “Show desktop icons.” This will make all your desktop icons disappear, giving you a clean and tidy workspace.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Hide Desktop Icons Windows 11

These steps will guide you through hiding your desktop icons in Windows 11, ensuring a clutter-free desktop.

Step 1: Right-click on your desktop

Right-click anywhere on your desktop background.

When you right-click your desktop, a context menu will appear. This is the menu with various options that help you interact with your desktop items and settings.

Step 2: Select “View” from the context menu

Hover your mouse over the “View” option in the context menu.

The “View” option expands into a submenu. This submenu contains various display options for your desktop icons, like icon size and arrangement.

Step 3: Uncheck “Show desktop icons”

Click to uncheck “Show desktop icons” in the submenu.

Once you uncheck “Show desktop icons,” all icons on your desktop will be hidden from view. They are not deleted, just hidden.

Once you complete these steps, your desktop will be free of icons, providing a clean and visually appealing workspace. You can always show the icons again by following the same steps and rechecking “Show desktop icons.”

Tips for Hiding Desktop Icons Windows 11

Here are some extra pointers to make the most out of hiding desktop icons:

  • Organize Before Hiding: Make sure your icons are organized in a way that you can easily find them when you decide to show them again.
  • Use Desktop Folders: Group related icons into folders to make it easier to manage them.
  • Shortcut to Hide Icons: Create a shortcut for quick access to hide or show icons.
  • Customize Your Desktop: Consider using desktop themes and backgrounds to enhance your desktop’s appearance once the icons are hidden.
  • Remember Hotkeys: Use Windows key + D to quickly show and hide your desktop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I quickly hide desktop icons again?

You can use the steps provided above to hide and show icons quickly. Another way is using the Windows key + D shortcut to display or hide your desktop.

Do hidden icons still run in the background?

Yes, hiding desktop icons does not affect the programs or shortcuts. They will continue to run as usual.

Can I hide specific icons instead of all of them?

No, the method described hides all desktop icons. For specific icons, you might consider moving them to a folder.

Will my desktop icons be affected permanently?

No, this method only hides the icons. You can show them again anytime by following the same steps and rechecking “Show desktop icons.”

Is there any other way to keep my desktop clean?

Yes, using a taskbar or a start menu to pin frequently used programs helps keep the desktop clean. Also, organizing files into folders can reduce clutter.


  1. Right-click on your desktop.
  2. Select “View” from the context menu.
  3. Uncheck “Show desktop icons.”


Hiding desktop icons in Windows 11 is an effective way to maintain a tidy and organized workspace. Whether you’re looking to declutter or simply enjoy a clean desktop, following the simple steps outlined above can help you achieve this with ease.

Remember, this action is reversible, so you can always bring back your icons whenever you need them. For further optimization, consider incorporating the tips provided, like organizing your icons into folders and using shortcuts for quick access.

If you found this helpful and want to dive deeper into customizing your Windows 11 experience, check out more guides and tips to fine-tune your setup. Happy computing!

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