How to Reduce Desktop Icon Size in Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Reducing the size of your desktop icons in Windows 11 is quick and simple. By right-clicking on your desktop and selecting the appropriate view settings, you can easily adjust the size to your preference. This process helps tidy up your workspace and makes your desktop appear less cluttered.

How to Reduce Desktop Icon Size in Windows 11

By following these steps, you’ll be able to change the size of your desktop icons in Windows 11, making your desktop look neater and more organized.

Step 1: Right-Click on an Empty Space

Right-click on any empty space on your desktop.

When you right-click, a context menu will appear. This menu gives you various options to customize your desktop. Make sure not to click on an icon or file, as this will open a different menu.

Step 2: Select ‘View’ from the Context Menu

Hover your mouse over the ‘View’ option in the context menu.

The ‘View’ option will expand into a sub-menu. This sub-menu contains different settings for how your desktop items are displayed, including the size of your icons.

Step 3: Choose Your Desired Icon Size

Select either ‘Small icons,’ ‘Medium icons,’ or ‘Large icons.’

Click on the size that suits your needs. ‘Small icons’ will reduce the size of your desktop icons, making more space available on your screen. ‘Medium icons’ are the default size, while ‘Large icons’ make everything bigger.

Step 4: Check the New Icon Size

Look at your desktop to see if the icons are now the size you want.

After selecting the new size, your desktop icons will immediately adjust. If you’re not happy with the change, you can repeat the steps to choose a different size.

Step 5: Fine-Tune via Display Settings (Optional)

Open ‘Settings’ and navigate to ‘System’ then ‘Display’ for more adjustments.

If the default options aren’t quite right, you can get even more control over icon size through the display settings. This is useful for those who want more customization.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your desktop icons will be resized to your preference, making your desktop cleaner and more organized.

Tips for Reducing Desktop Icon Size in Windows 11

  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts: You can also use “Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Wheel” to adjust icon size quickly.
  • Sort Icons: While resizing, consider sorting your icons for an even tidier look.
  • Use Folders: Group similar items into folders to reduce the number of icons on your desktop.
  • Adjust Scaling: In ‘Display Settings,’ you can adjust the scaling option for more detailed control.
  • Reposition Icons: After resizing, reposition your icons to make the best use of your desktop space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the size beyond the given options?

Yes, you can use ‘Display Settings’ for more detailed adjustments.

Will changing icon size affect other display settings?

No, changing the icon size only affects desktop icons.

Can I revert to the default icon size?

Yes, simply follow the steps and select ‘Medium icons.’

Can I resize icons within folders?

No, the resizing options discussed only apply to desktop icons.

Will resizing affect the performance of my computer?

No, resizing desktop icons will not impact your computer’s performance.


  1. Right-click on an empty space.
  2. Select ‘View’ from the context menu.
  3. Choose your desired icon size.
  4. Check the new icon size.
  5. Fine-tune via display settings (optional).


To sum it all up, knowing how to reduce desktop icon size in Windows 11 can make a world of difference for your day-to-day computer use. Not only does it help in decluttering your workspace, but it also adds a touch of personalization to your desktop. By following the simple steps laid out in this guide, you can quickly and easily adjust your desktop to suit your needs.

Beyond the steps, the tips section offers valuable insights to streamline the process even further. If questions arise, the FAQ section has got you covered.

So, if you’re tired of a cluttered desktop, now is the time to take control. Resize those icons, organize your space, and experience a more efficient and pleasant computing environment. For more tech tips and tutorials, keep exploring and learning.

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