How to Build Order Forms With Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Building order forms with Google Docs is a straightforward process that involves creating a new form, adding necessary questions and fields, customizing the design to fit your brand, and then sharing the form with your customers or audience. It’s a free and versatile tool that can help you gather orders efficiently.

After completing the form, you’ll be able to collect responses in an organized manner, which can be viewed and managed within Google Docs or exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis.


Welcome to the world of online order forms, where convenience meets functionality! In today’s fast-paced, digital-first world, having an online order form is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. Whether you’re an entrepreneur selling handcrafted goods, a small business owner managing a local bakery, or a community organizer handling event registrations, order forms are the backbone of your operation. But how do you create one without breaking the bank or getting tangled in a web of coding? Enter Google Docs – the free, user-friendly tool that can help you build professional-looking order forms in no time.

Why is this topic important, you ask? Well, for starters, online order forms not only make the purchasing process smoother for your customers but also streamline your data collection, saving you precious time and energy. And why Google Docs? Because it offers the perfect blend of simplicity and efficiency, all within a platform that many of us are already familiar with. So, whether you’re tech-savvy or just starting, this guide is relevant to anyone looking to create an organized and efficient system for managing orders and customer data.

Step by Step Tutorial: Building Order Forms with Google Docs

Before we dive into the steps, let’s clarify what we’ll achieve: a customizable order form that you can share with your customers to fill out. This form will automatically collect responses in an easy-to-manage format.

Step 1: Open Google Docs and Create a New Form

Go to your Google Drive and click on ‘New’ followed by ‘Google Forms’.

Creating a new form is the first step in this process. Google Forms is a part of Google Docs and is specifically designed for creating surveys, quizzes, and yes, order forms! Once you’re in Google Drive, it’s as simple as clicking a few buttons to get started.

Step 2: Choose a Template or Start From Scratch

Select a template that suits your needs or begin with a blank form.

Google Forms offers a variety of templates that can be perfect if you’re looking for a quick start. However, if you have specific requirements or want to give your form a personal touch, starting from scratch is the way to go.

Step 3: Add Questions and Fields

Insert different types of questions and fields, such as text, multiple choice, and checkboxes.

This step is the meat of your order form. Think about the information you need from your customers – names, addresses, product selections, etc. Google Forms allows you to add various types of fields, ensuring you collect all necessary data.

Step 4: Customize Your Form

Add your logo and use custom colors to align the form with your brand identity.

Your order form should reflect your brand, and with Google Docs, you can customize the look to match your business aesthetics. Simple tweaks like adding a logo or changing the color scheme can make your form look professional and inviting.

Step 5: Set Up Response Collection

Choose where you want the responses to be collected, either in the form itself or in a connected spreadsheet.

Once your form is out there and customers start filling it out, you need a place to collect those responses. Google Forms allows you to view them within the form or in a spreadsheet, which is incredibly convenient for data management.

Step 6: Share Your Form

Send the form to your customers or embed it in your website.

The final step is to get your form in front of your customers. Google Docs makes it easy to share your form via a link, email, or even embed it directly into your website for seamless integration.


Cost-effectiveGoogle Docs is a free tool, making it an excellent option for businesses or individuals on a budget.
User-friendlyThe platform is intuitive and easy to navigate, making the process of creating order forms accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skill level.
CustomizableGoogle Forms offer various customization options, allowing you to create a form that fits your brand’s look and feel.


Limited Design OptionsWhile customization is possible, the design options are not as extensive as some dedicated form-building platforms.
Dependency on InternetYou need an internet connection to create and access Google Forms, which may not be ideal in all situations.
Data Security ConcernsAs with any online tool, there are potential security risks involved with collecting sensitive customer information.

Additional Information

When creating order forms with Google Docs, there are a few additional tips to keep in mind. Firstly, ensure your form is mobile-friendly since many customers will likely access it from their smartphones.

Secondly, consider adding a ‘Thank You’ page or an automated response to acknowledge the receipt of an order, adding a touch of professionalism and courtesy to the process. Lastly, make sure to test your form thoroughly before making it live – you wouldn’t want to miss out on orders due to a technical glitch!


  1. Open Google Docs and create a new form.
  2. Choose a template or start from scratch.
  3. Add questions and fields.
  4. Customize your form.
  5. Set up response collection.
  6. Share your form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make an order form that includes payment options?

Yes, while Google Forms doesn’t process payments, you can integrate it with third-party services like PayPal or link to your website’s checkout page.

Is it possible to limit the number of responses to an order form?

Absolutely! Google Forms allows you to set a maximum number of responses, which is handy when dealing with limited stock or registration caps.

Can I edit the order form after it’s been shared?

Indeed, you can make changes to the form even after sharing it. However, be mindful that changes may affect the form’s layout or the data already collected.

How do I know when someone has filled out my form?

Google Forms can send you email notifications each time a response is submitted, so you’re always in the loop.

Can I export the data collected from the order form?

Yes, responses can easily be exported to Google Sheets or downloaded as a CSV file for further analysis or record-keeping.


Mastering the art of building order forms with Google Docs is a game-changer for anyone looking to streamline their order-taking process. It’s a skill that pays dividends in the form of saved time, reduced errors, and improved customer experience.

With the steps, pros, cons, and additional tips outlined in this guide, you’re now well-equipped to create an order form that’s not only functional but also reflects the essence of your brand. Remember, the digital world waits for no one, so why not leverage the power of Google Docs and take your business to the next level? Happy form building!

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