Change the Siri Voice from a Female to a Male in iOS 7 on Your iPhone 5

Siri is a pretty handy tool on your iPhone 5, and it can perform a surprising number of different tasks. But if you use Siri a lot, you might be getting tired of the default female voice. Luckily iOS 7 has introduced an option to switch from a female to a male voice, or vice versa. This can be a refreshing change for frequent Siri users, and it can be a cool new feature to show your friends if they don’t know that it is available either.

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Change the Gender of the Siri Voice on the iPhone 5

Changing the gender of the Siri voice will not affect the way that the app behaves. There was a way to change the voice in previous versions of iOS, but it involved changing the language of the Siri app, which occasionally had some negative impact on the way the app behaved. Rest assured that changing the gender of Siri’s voice is now a supported feature of the Siri app, and will perform the same way regardless of whether you are using the male or female voice.


Step 1: Touch the Settings icon.




Step 2: Select the General option.




Step 3: Touch the Siri button.




Step 4: Touch the Voice Gender button.




Step 5: Select the gender option in which you want Siri to speak.

change the siri voice gender in ios 7



You can change this setting at any time, so simply return to this menu if you decide that you want to switch genders again.


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