How to Remove or Change Your Signature in OneNote 2013

If you are an Outlook user, then perhaps you have created a signature that is added to the end of the emails you write. Signatures are helpful, consistent ways to provide your email contacts with information about you. But you may not always need to include signatures on every email that you write, such as […]

How to Alphabetize Folder Lists in Outlook 2013

Depending upon the way you use your email account, proper sorting may be a crucial aspect to how you stay organized. This can involve custom folders that you either sort to with a set of rules, or to which you manually drag and drop email messages. Whichever method you employ in your Outlook 2013 installation, […]

How to Hide Multiple Worksheets in Excel 2013

The ability to hide worksheets in an Excel workbook can be very helpful when you need to share a spreadsheet with someone else, but there is data on that sheet that shouldn’t be edited. Simply place that data on a separate worksheet tab, reference it with a formula, then hide the tab to make it […]

How to Enable Troubleshooting Logging in Outlook 2013

If you are experiencing problems with Microsoft Outlook, then it’s possible that you have sought out help in resolving the problem that you are having. Depending upon the nature of the problem, then individual or company from whom you are seeking assistance may ask you to enable troubleshooting logging in Outlook. This will generate logs […]

How to Disable the Confirmation Before Permanently Deleting in Outlook 2013

Deleting items from your inbox and other locations in Outlook will send those items to a separate Deleted Items folder. However, depending upon your current Outlook settings, those items may not actually be deleted, meaning that you can find them again if necessary. But, if you find that your deleted items are taking up a […]

How to Show the Vertical Ruler in Powerpoint 2013

The rulers in programs like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint can be very helpful for placing document elements, or for getting a good idea of how large something will be on your paper. But these rulers can get hidden in a variety of ways, so you may be wondering how you can display the vertical ruler […]

How to Make an Image Transparent in Photoshop CS5

Do you need an image to be transparent so that you can use it for a project? While some applications that use pictures have the ability to add some transparency to them, a full-featured image editing program like Photoshop can give you the most options. Our tutorial below will show you how to take a […]

How to Move a Comment in Powerpoint 2013

Do you often need to comment on a slide in Powerpoint 2013, but you’re frustrated with the fact that the comment only shows at the top-left corner of the slide? Or do you need to comment on a presentation and you aren’t sure how? Our article below will discuss how to make a comment in […]

How to Move the Quick Access Toolbar Below the Ribbon in Outlook 2013

The Quick Access toolbar is a row of small icons that is displayed at the top-left corner of the window in Outlook 2013. This toolbar provides one-click access to many of the features that you might use frequently in Outlook 2013. However, you may also find that you accidentally click some of those buttons when […]

How to Make the Font Size Bigger than 72 in Word 2013

When you are making certain types of documents with Microsoft Word, you might feel like your design choices are being limited by the seemingly small “maximum” font size of 72pt. However, this isn’t the actual maximum size of text that you can use in your document, it is merely the smallest listed size. It may […]