How to Add a Comment in Excel 2013

The commenting system in Microsoft Office products like Excel is ideal when you are collaborating on a document with a team and need to question something, or suggest an edit. The alternative might be to include your comment inside a cell, or in a nearby cell, which can be problematic if that comment is not […]

How to Show the Date and Time at the Bottom of Each Slide in Powerpoint 2010

Some of the presentations that you will create in Powerpoint 2010 are time or date-sensitive. Whether this is because the presentation is updated on a regular basis, or because your audience needs to see the date and time on the slides, there are several reasons why you might be looking for a way to include […]

How to Change the Color of a Picture Border in Word 2013

Adding a border to a picture in Word 2013 is useful when you want to easily identify the boundaries of an image, or convey a distinct separation between an image in a document and the rest of the content in that document. It’s easy to add a border to a picture in Word, but you might […]

How to Add Alt Text to a Picture in Powerpoint 2010

Many of the pictures that you encounter on the Internet include something called alternate text, or “alt text.” This is a description of the picture that is added to it which allows a screen reader, as well as some other mechanisms, to be able to determine the contents of the picture. This is very common […]

How to Enlarge a Cell Horizontally in Excel 2013

You will eventually need to know how to enlarge a cell horizontally in Excel when you enter data into a cell and find that all of the data is not visible. Excel 2013 has a default cell width, and it is possible to enter enough data into that cell so that it can’t all be […]

How to Put Your Last Name and Page Number on Every Page in Word 2013

It is very common for schools to request the last name and page number on every page in Word documents submitted by their students. Teachers are often tasked with reading papers from a large number of students, and this extra organizational step can make things much easier if pages and documents are ever separated. But […]

How to Print the Last Page First in Word 2013

Microsoft Word documents are generally easier to print than Excel spreadsheets, but there are small frustrations that can arise in Word, even when you have already taken measures to make your printing task a little simpler. This issue can be even worse when dealing with large documents. One problem that you might encounter is that your […]

How to Add a Row to a Table in Word 2013

You may discover that you need to learn how to add a row to table in Word 2013 if you are creating one from scratch, only to find that the default table-creation tool only allows you to make an 8 x 8 table. While there are ways to copy and paste data from Excel if you […]

How to Save a Spreadsheet as a One Page PDF in Excel 2013

Saving an Excel spreadsheet as a PDF is a solution that I often use when I have data that I want to share with other people, but I want to avoid giving them the option to easily edit that data. Unfortunately the PDF version of an Excel worksheet suffers from the same issues that a […]

How to Hide Spelling and Grammar Errors in Powerpoint 2013

The spelling and grammar checking capabilities of Microsoft Office programs have been a lifesaver for many users of the program. Powerpoint 2013, for example, can indicate a spelling or grammar mistake on one of your slides by underlining the error, which makes it easy to locate. However, sometimes these mistakes are intentional, or you would […]