How to Make an Image Transparent in Photoshop CS5

Do you need an image to be transparent so that you can use it for a project? While some applications that use pictures have the ability to add some transparency to them, a full-featured image editing program like Photoshop can give you the most options. Our tutorial below will show you how to take a […]

How to Move a Comment in Powerpoint 2013

Do you often need to comment on a slide in Powerpoint 2013, but you’re frustrated with the fact that the comment only shows at the top-left corner of the slide? Or do you need to comment on a presentation and you aren’t sure how? Our article below will discuss how to make a comment in […]

How to Move the Quick Access Toolbar Below the Ribbon in Outlook 2013

The Quick Access toolbar is a row of small icons that is displayed at the top-left corner of the window in Outlook 2013. This toolbar provides one-click access to many of the features that you might use frequently in Outlook 2013. However, you may also find that you accidentally click some of those buttons when […]

How to Make the Font Size Bigger than 72 in Word 2013

When you are making certain types of documents with Microsoft Word, you might feel like your design choices are being limited by the seemingly small “maximum” font size of 72pt. However, this isn’t the actual maximum size of text that you can use in your document, it is merely the smallest listed size. It may […]

How to Do a Word Count in Word 2013

The word count of a document is often an important characteristic when you are submitting a paper or article to an institution. Since it is something that is so frequently important, Microsoft Word 2013 provides a couple of different ways for you to determine it. One of the ways that you can do a word […]

How to Export Rules in Outlook 2013

Using rules in Microsoft Outlook 2013 is one of the best ways to quickly and consistently sort your email messages. You can even use rules to set an out of office reply in Outlook. But if you are upgrading computers, you might be wondering how you can use all of the rules that you have […]

How to Change the Order of Items in the Excel 2013 Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar in Excel 2013 gives you the ability to quickly perform some common commands that would otherwise require you to navigate through the File menu. These can include a number of different options, such as saving your file, printing, spell checking, or more. But if you find that location of some of […]

How to Delete All Comments from a Worksheet in Excel 2013

We have previously written about how to delete a comment in Excel 2013 when you have a specific comment in a spreadsheet that you no longer need. But what if your entire spreadsheet is full of comments that you don/t need? Deleting them individually can be time-consuming if there are a lot of comments, so […]

How to Concatenate Text in Excel 2013

Microsoft Excel 2013 has a number of tools and features that can help you to increase your productivity, or minimize the amount of time that you need to spend doing data entry. One way in particular that you can take advantage of Excel’s formulas is with the CONCATENATE function. This allows you to combine data […]

Can I Put a Border Around the Entire Page in Word 2013?

Microsoft Word 2013 provides you with the ability to add some various decorative elements to your documents in an effort to make them more visually appealing. You may have already discovered the Borders option that you can use to draw borders around words or paragraphs, but you might be wondering if you can put a […]