Where Did My Folder List Go in Outlook 2013?

The basic navigation structure for Outlook 2013 is broken up into three areas. There is a list of folders at the left side of the window, a list of messages in the selected folder at the center of the window, then a preview of the selected message at the right side of the window.

These sections can be adjusted either on purpose or accidentally so, if you need your list of folders and you don’t know how to find them, you can follow the steps below to re-enable the Folders panel so that you can switch between your various folders.

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I Can’t Find My Inbox and Other Folders in Outlook 2013

You can also follow a similar process to the one outlined below if the Reading panel is gone from the right or bottom of your window, but this article will focus on simply re-enabling the Folders panel.

There are also a lot of different options for Outlook’s layout that you can adjust on the View tab in Outlook, so take some time to experiment with your options once you have restored your folder list.

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Step 1: Launch Outlook 2013.

Step 2: Click the View tab at the top of the window.

where are my folders in outlook 2013

Step 3: Click the Folder Pane button in the Layout section of the ribbon at the top of the window, then click the Normal option.

click the folder pane, then click the normal option

You should have noticed in the previous step that either the Off or Minimized option was selected. Often the Minimized option will be selected if you accidentally re-size the Folder pane by clicking and dragging the right border of the section. You can manually re-size a border on the Folders pane by positioning your mouse on the border so that it displays the symbol below, then dragging to the left or right as needed.

drag the folders pane border to manually resize it as well

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