How to Scan Documents on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Scanning documents on your iPhone 15 is a breeze! All you need is your phone and the pre-installed Notes app. No need for a scanner or computer. Just follow a few simple steps, and you’ll have a digital copy of your document in no time. Now let’s dive into the details so you can start scanning like a pro.

Step by Step Tutorial for Scanning Documents on iPhone 15

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, remember that this process will turn your physical documents into digital files. This can be super handy for keeping records, sharing files, or just going paperless. Ready? Let’s go!

Step 1: Open the Notes App

Start by tapping on the Notes app on your iPhone 15.

The Notes app is pretty versatile, and it’s not just for jotting down your thoughts. It has a nifty feature that allows you to scan documents right from your phone.

Step 2: Create a New Note

Tap on the icon to create a new note.

Once you’re in the Notes app, you’ll see a little icon that looks like a pencil on a square. That’s your ticket to a new note where you’ll store your scanned document.

Step 3: Tap on the Camera Button

Find and tap the camera button within the new note.

Look within your new note, and you’ll see a camera icon. This is where the magic happens. Tapping this button will move you one step closer to having your document scanned.

Step 4: Select ‘Scan Documents’

Choose the ‘Scan Documents’ option that pops up after tapping the camera icon.

After you hit the camera button, a menu will appear with a few choices. You’re looking for ‘Scan Documents’ – that’s your golden ticket.

Step 5: Position the Document

Place your document in front of the camera and wait for it to auto-capture, or manually take the photo.

The iPhone 15 will try to automatically find the edges of your document and take the photo for you. But if you need to, you can hit the shutter button yourself. Make sure the entire document is in the frame and well-lit for the best results.

Step 6: Adjust the Scan

Drag the corners to adjust the scan if necessary and tap ‘Keep Scan’.

Sometimes the automatic edge detection doesn’t get it quite right. No problem! You can adjust the corners of the scan manually. Once it looks good, just tap ‘Keep Scan’.

Step 7: Save the Document

Tap ‘Save’ after all your documents have been scanned.

Have you got all your pages scanned? Great! Tap ‘Save’, and your scans will be snugly settled in your new note, ready to be reviewed or shared.

After completing these steps, your scanned documents will be stored in the Notes app. From there, you can share them via email, message, or upload them to cloud storage. The power to digitize documents is literally at your fingertips!

Tips for Scanning Documents on iPhone 15

  • Make sure you have good lighting. A well-lit document will result in a clearer scan.
  • If the auto-capture isn’t working well, try moving your phone slightly or adjust the angle.
  • Use the color options (like grayscale or black & white) to enhance the readability of your scan.
  • After scanning, you can use the markup tool to add signatures or notes directly on the document.
  • Keep your camera lens clean for the sharpest image quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I scan more than one page at a time?

Yes, you can! After you scan one page, just tap ‘Add’ to scan additional pages. They will be saved in the same note as a single document.

What if I need to send my scanned document to someone?

No problem! Once saved, tap the share button in the note with your document. You can then choose how you want to share it, like through email or a messaging app.

Can I edit the scanned document?

Sure can! You can crop, use filters, or even add your signature using the markup tool within the Notes app.

What should I do if the scan is blurry?

First, make sure your lens is clean. If it’s still blurry, try to stabilize your phone or use a higher contrast background for your document.

Will scanning drain my iPhone’s battery quickly?

Not really. Scanning is like taking a photo, so it won’t drain your battery any faster than normal phone use.


  1. Open the Notes App
  2. Create a New Note
  3. Tap on the Camera Button
  4. Select ‘Scan Documents’
  5. Position the Document
  6. Adjust the Scan
  7. Save the Document


Scanning documents on your iPhone 15 is a handy skill that can save you a lot of time and hassle. No more searching for a scanner or waiting until you get to the office. With the Notes app, your phone becomes a powerful tool for digitizing paperwork. Give it a try next time you need to keep a copy of a receipt, share an important contract, or just reduce the amount of paper clutter in your life. It’s simple, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Remember, the better the lighting and the steadier your hand, the better the scan will turn out. Embrace the convenience of technology, and say goodbye to the days of losing important documents. Now, go forth and scan away with your iPhone 15!

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