How to Print Multiple Labels in Microsoft Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Printing multiple labels in Microsoft Word is a breeze once you get the hang of it. First, you’ll need to set up a new label template or use an existing one. Next, you’ll input your label information, be it addresses, names, or other necessary details. Finally, you’ll print your labels, and voila, you have a set of neatly printed labels ready for use!

After completing this action, you’ll have a sheet (or sheets) of labels ready for whatever purpose you need them for, such as mailing, organizing files, or labeling products.


Printing multiple labels at once can be a daunting task if you’re not familiar with the tools at your disposal. However, Microsoft Word simplifies this process with its built-in label templates and easy-to-use interface. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to ship out products, an office administrator tasked with mailing correspondence, or a teacher organizing classroom materials, knowing how to print multiple labels efficiently can save you time and prevent the frustration of manually writing out each label.

In today’s digital world, snail mail might seem like a thing of the past, but it’s still very much alive. Businesses send out newsletters, invitations, and promotional materials through the mail every day. And let’s not forget the personal touch that a hand-labeled envelope adds to a letter. That’s where Microsoft Word comes in – it’s not just for typing up documents! With a few clicks, you can produce a whole batch of labels, making your life that much easier.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Print Multiple Labels in Microsoft Word

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re about to do. We will create a sheet of labels where each label contains different information. This could be for a mailing list, name tags, or any scenario where you need a bunch of labels.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word

Launch Microsoft Word on your computer.

Opening Microsoft Word is your first step. This might seem obvious, but make sure you’re opening a new blank document to start fresh.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Mailings’ Tab

Select the ‘Mailings’ tab at the top of the screen.

The ‘Mailings’ tab is where all the magic happens for creating labels. This is where you will find all the tools you need for your label project.

Step 3: Select ‘Labels’

Choose ‘Labels’ from the ‘Create’ group.

By selecting ‘Labels,’ you’re telling Word that you’re looking to create multiple labels instead of a single document.

Step 4: Choose Your Label Template

Click on ‘Options’ and select the label template that matches the labels you want to print.

Microsoft Word has a variety of templates to fit different label sizes and brands. Make sure you select the one that matches your label sheets.

Step 5: Input Your Label Information

Enter the information for your labels.

This is where you will type in the content for each label. If you’re printing addresses, you might input the first one now.

Step 6: Select ‘Full Page of the Same Label’

If you want the same information on all labels, select ‘Full page of the same label.’

This option is perfect for when you need a full sheet of labels with the same content.

Step 7: Click on ‘New Document’

Create a new document to see your label layout.

After clicking ‘New Document,’ you’ll see a preview of your labels laid out on the page. This is where you can make final adjustments before printing.

Step 8: Print Your Labels

Click on ‘File’ then ‘Print’ to print out your labels.

Once you’re satisfied with the layout, load your printer with label paper and hit ‘Print.’ Just like that, you’ve got a full page of labels ready to go!


Saves TimePrinting multiple labels at once is much faster than writing them out by hand or printing them individually.
Professional AppearanceLabels printed through Word are neat and uniform, giving a professional look to your mailings or organization efforts.
CustomizationMicrosoft Word allows you to customize your labels with different fonts, sizes, and even images, making them perfect for any need.


Printer CompatibilityNot all printers handle label sheets well, which can lead to jams or misaligned prints.
Template LimitationsIf you can’t find a template that matches your labels, you may need to manually adjust the settings, which can be a hassle.
Learning CurveThose unfamiliar with Word’s Mailings functions may require some time to learn the process.

Additional Information

When you’re printing multiple labels in Microsoft Word, there are a few additional tips to keep in mind. First, always ensure that the label sheets are correctly loaded into your printer. It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s a common mistake that leads to wasted labels. Also, consider doing a test print on a regular sheet of paper to check the alignment before printing on the actual label sheet. This can save you from a headache if things don’t line up as expected.

Moreover, if you’re printing labels with different information on each one (say, for a mailing list), you can use Word’s ‘Mail Merge’ feature. This allows you to import a list of addresses and automatically populate the labels, which is a massive time-saver for larger projects.

Remember to save your label document if you think you’ll use the same layout again in the future. This way, you won’t have to set up the template from scratch every time you need to print labels. Lastly, have some fun with it! Labels don’t have to be boring – with Word’s design options, you can make them as colorful and creative as you like.


  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Click on the ‘Mailings’ tab.
  3. Select ‘Labels’ from the ‘Create’ group.
  4. Choose your label template.
  5. Input your label information.
  6. Select ‘Full page of the same label’ if needed.
  7. Click on ‘New Document’ to preview.
  8. Print your labels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print different labels on the same sheet?

Yes, you can print different labels on the same sheet by selecting ‘Single label’ and specifying the row and column.

How do I ensure the labels print correctly on the sheet?

Make sure to select the correct template that matches your labels and do a test print on a plain sheet of paper first.

Can I add images to my labels in Word?

Absolutely! You can insert images just like you would in any Word document.

What if my printer doesn’t align the labels correctly?

You can adjust the alignment settings in the ‘Labels’ options or manually adjust the margins in the document.

Can I save my label template for future use?

Yes, you can save your document with the labels for future use. Just open it up the next time you need to print labels and make any necessary updates.


Knowing how to print multiple labels in Microsoft Word is an invaluable skill that can make your life easier, whether it’s for personal or professional use. Once you master the steps, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. From sending out wedding invitations to mailing business flyers, the ability to print multiple labels is a timesaver and a way to add a touch of professionalism to your mailings.

For further guidance, there are plenty of online tutorials and videos that can provide visual aids to help you along. And don’t forget, practice makes perfect! The more you use the label printing feature in Word, the more efficient you’ll become. So go ahead, give it a try, and watch as those neatly printed labels come rolling out of your printer, ready to make your life a little bit easier.

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