How to Format a Label Template in Microsoft Word: Step-by-Step Guide

Formatting a label template in Microsoft Word is a breeze once you know how. First, open a new Word document and choose the ‘Mailings’ tab. Then, select ‘Labels’ and choose the label size that matches your needs. Customize the design by adding text, images, or shapes, and then save or print your labels. It’s a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few steps.

Step by Step Tutorial: Formatting a Label Template in Microsoft Word

Before we dive into the steps, understand that this process will allow you to create personalized labels for any purpose, be it for mailing, organizing, or any other labeling needs.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word and Select the ‘Mailings’ Tab

Open up Microsoft Word on your computer.

Once you have Microsoft Word open, you’ll see a bunch of tabs at the top of the screen. Click on the one that says ‘Mailings.’ This is where all the magic happens for creating labels.

Step 2: Click on ‘Labels’

Find and click on the ‘Labels’ option within the ‘Mailings’ tab.

You’ll notice a new window pop up. This is where you’ll input the necessary information for your labels and choose the correct size and layout.

Step 3: Select Your Label Size

Choose the label size that matches the labels you have.

If you’ve already got labels, make sure to choose the corresponding size in Word to match. If you’re not sure, take a look at the label package, and it should tell you the size or layout number.

Step 4: Customize Your Label

Add your desired text, images, or shapes to your label.

Get creative here! You can add whatever you want to make your label stand out. Just make sure it fits within the boundaries of the label size you chose.

Step 5: Save or Print Your Labels

Once your labels look perfect, save your document or go ahead and print it.

If you’re not ready to print yet, make sure to save your document so you don’t lose all your hard work. When you are ready to print, make sure your labels are loaded into the printer correctly, and then hit ‘Print.’

After completing these steps, you’ll have custom labels ready for use. Imagine slapping one of those bad boys on a letter or a file folder – satisfaction guaranteed!

Tips for Formatting a Label Template in Microsoft Word

  • Always double-check the label size before printing to ensure it matches the labels you have.
  • Use the ‘Preview’ function to see how your labels will look before printing.
  • If you need to create multiple labels with the same design, use the ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ function to duplicate your design across multiple labels.
  • Save your label template so you can easily access it for future use.
  • Experiment with different fonts and images to make your labels stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure my labels print correctly?

Make sure to select the correct label size and layout, as well as check that your printer settings match the label specifications.

Can I use images on my labels in Microsoft Word?

Yes, you can add images to your labels by inserting them just as you would in any other Word document.

How can I make multiple labels with the same design?

After designing your first label, simply copy and paste the design onto the other labels within the template.

What if I can’t find the right label size in Word?

You can create a custom label size by going to ‘Options’ within the ‘Labels’ window and inputting the dimensions of your labels.

Is it possible to save my label template for future use?

Absolutely! Just save your Word document as you normally would, and you’ll be able to reopen it and print more labels whenever needed.


  1. Open Microsoft Word and select the ‘Mailings’ tab.
  2. Click on ‘Labels’.
  3. Choose the correct label size.
  4. Customize your label design.
  5. Save or print your labels.


Congratulations on mastering the art of formatting a label template in Microsoft Word! With these steps, you can create professional-looking labels for any occasion, from organizing your home office to sending out invitations for your next big event. Remember, the key to successful labels lies in choosing the right size, designing with care, and triple-checking before printing.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different designs and make your labels truly your own. If you ever get stuck, the tips and FAQs we discussed can be a lifesaver. Keep this guide handy, and you’ll be a label-making pro in no time! Now, go forth and label to your heart’s content!

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