How to Print from Microsoft Word for Office 365: A Step-by-Step Guide

Printing from Microsoft Word for Office 365 is a simple process. Open the document you want to print, click on the ‘File’ tab, select ‘Print’, choose your printer, set your print options, and then click ‘Print’. And just like that, your document should be making its way out of your printer!

After clicking ‘Print’, your computer will send the document to the printer, and the physical printing process will begin. Make sure you have enough paper and ink in your printer to avoid any interruptions.


So, you’ve finished drafting that all-important document in Microsoft Word for Office 365, and now it’s time to bring it into the physical world. Whether it’s a report for work, an essay for school, or a recipe for that new dish you want to try out, knowing how to print your documents is essential. In today’s digital age, we often overlook the importance of having a hard copy. However, there are numerous scenarios where a printed document is necessary or just more convenient. This process is relevant to students, professionals, and anyone who uses Microsoft Word for creating documents.

It’s one of those basic skills that, once mastered, will serve you time and time again. Printing can seem straightforward, but there are a few steps and options that you might not be aware of. This article will guide you through the process, ensuring you can print with confidence from Microsoft Word for Office 365.

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Step by Step Tutorial: Printing from Microsoft Word for Office 365

The following steps will guide you through printing a document from Microsoft Word for Office 365.

Step 1: Open the document you want to print

Open the document in Microsoft Word that you wish to print.

Once you have your document open, check it over to make sure everything is exactly how you want it to appear in print. This is your last chance to catch any typos or formatting issues!

Step 2: Click on the ‘File’ tab

Click on the ‘File’ tab located in the top left corner of the Microsoft Word window.

This will take you to the backstage view, where you can access a range of document-related settings and options, including the print settings.

Step 3: Select ‘Print’

From the menu options, select ‘Print’.

This will bring up the print settings where you can choose your printer and specify the print details such as the number of copies, pages to print, and whether to print one-sided or double-sided.

Step 4: Choose your printer

Choose the printer you want to use from the list of available printers.

If you’re using a new printer for the first time, make sure it’s been correctly set up and connected to your computer or network.

Step 5: Set your print options

Set your print options, including the number of copies, pages to print, and other preferences.

Here you can also change the orientation of the paper, print in color or black and white, and adjust the size of the print. Make sure to preview your document to ensure it looks exactly how you want it to.

Step 6: Click ‘Print’

Once you’re satisfied with your print settings, click ‘Print’.

Your document will be sent to the printer and should begin printing shortly. Make sure to collect your document from the printer and check it over once more to ensure everything printed correctly.


ConveniencePrinting directly from Microsoft Word for Office 365 is highly convenient. It allows you to quickly and easily produce a physical copy of your document without the need for any additional software or steps.
CustomizationThe print settings in Microsoft Word for Office 365 offer a range of options to tailor the printout to your specific needs. Whether it’s selecting the number of copies, choosing specific pages, or adjusting the layout, these customizable settings ensure your document is printed just the way you need it.
Preview FeatureBefore printing, Microsoft Word allows you to preview your document. This helps to catch any errors or formatting issues before they’re printed, saving you time, paper, and ink.


Printer CompatibilityNot all printers are compatible with Microsoft Word for Office 365’s print function. It’s important to ensure your printer is set up correctly and is compatible with the software to avoid any printing issues.
Resource ConsumptionPrinting documents, especially in large quantities or in color, can consume a significant amount of paper and ink. It’s important to consider the environmental impact and cost when deciding to print.
Technical IssuesSometimes, technical issues can arise, such as printer errors, connectivity issues, or software glitches. These can disrupt the printing process and may require troubleshooting to resolve.

Additional Information

When printing from Microsoft Word for Office 365, there are a few additional tips you should keep in mind. First, always ensure that your printer has enough ink or toner and that there is an adequate supply of paper. Nothing is more frustrating than a document that’s half-printed because you ran out of ink! If you’re printing a lengthy document, consider using the ‘Print on Both Sides’ option to save paper.

Another important aspect is to understand the different print layouts available. Depending on the nature of your document, you may want to print in portrait or landscape mode. For large documents, such as reports or manuscripts, you might want to use the ‘Print Layout’ view to see how each page will look when printed.

Don’t forget about the ‘Save Ink/Toner’ option in the print settings. This is useful if you’re printing draft documents or anything that doesn’t require high-quality print. This option reduces the amount of ink or toner used and can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.

Lastly, if you’re printing confidential or sensitive documents, be sure to collect them from the printer immediately to protect your privacy. If your printer supports it, you can also use secure print options that require a code to be entered at the printer before the document will print.


  1. Open the document you want to print.
  2. Click on the ‘File’ tab.
  3. Select ‘Print’.
  4. Choose your printer.
  5. Set your print options.
  6. Click ‘Print’.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print double-sided on Microsoft Word for Office 365?

To print double-sided, go to the print settings and look for the option that says ‘Print on Both Sides’ or ‘Duplex Printing’. Select this option before clicking ‘Print’.

What should I do if my document won’t print?

First, check your printer to ensure it’s turned on and connected to your computer or network. If that’s not the issue, try restarting both your printer and computer. If the problem persists, consult your printer’s manual or contact technical support.

Can I print in color from Microsoft Word for Office 365?

Yes, if your printer supports color printing, you can print in color by selecting the color option in the print settings.

How can I save paper when printing?

To save paper, consider printing on both sides of the paper if your printer supports this feature. You can also print multiple pages on a single sheet by adjusting the ‘Pages per Sheet’ setting.

How do I cancel a print job in Microsoft Word for Office 365?

To cancel a print job, go to the print queue on your computer and select the document you want to cancel. Right-click and choose ‘Cancel’ or use the cancel button on your printer if available.


Printing from Microsoft Word for Office 365 is a fundamental skill that can enhance your productivity and efficiency. With the simple steps outlined in this article, you can print your documents quickly and easily, adjusting settings as needed to meet your specific requirements. Remember, while printing is convenient, always consider the environmental impact and use this feature responsibly.

Whether you’re a student printing an essay, a professional preparing a report, or someone sharing a cherished recipe, mastering the print function in Microsoft Word for Office 365 will serve you well in all your document-related endeavors. Keep these tips in mind, and happy printing!

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