How to Keep iPad Screen from Rotating: A Step-by-Step Guide

For those who are tired of their iPad screen flipping around every time they move it, there’s a simple fix! By locking the screen orientation, you can keep it steady whether you’re lounging on the couch or sharing your screen with friends. This quick guide will show you exactly how to keep your iPad screen from rotating, step by step.

How to Keep iPad Screen from Rotating

By following these steps, you’ll be able to lock your iPad’s screen orientation so it stays put, no matter how you hold it.

Step 1: Open the Control Center

Swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen.

This action will open the Control Center, which is where you’ll find many useful settings, including the orientation lock.

Step 2: Locate the Orientation Lock Icon

Find the icon that looks like a padlock with an arrow around it.

This icon represents the orientation lock. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to spot, but it’s usually near the volume and brightness controls.

Step 3: Enable Orientation Lock

Tap the orientation lock icon to enable it.

You’ll know it’s active when the icon changes color, usually white or another highlighted color, indicating that the screen rotation is now locked.

Step 4: Confirm Lock Status

Turn your iPad sideways to check if the screen stays in place.

This quick check ensures that you’ve successfully locked the screen orientation. If the screen doesn’t rotate, you’re all set!

Step 5: Close the Control Center

Swipe up from the bottom of the Control Center to close it.

That’s it! You’ve successfully locked your screen orientation. You can now use your iPad without worrying about the screen flipping around.

After completing these steps, your iPad screen will stay in the current orientation no matter how you move it. This is super handy for reading, gaming, or watching videos without interruptions.

Tips for How to Keep iPad Screen from Rotating

  • Check for Updates: Make sure your iPad is running the latest iOS version for the best performance.
  • Restart if Needed: If the orientation lock doesn’t work, try restarting your iPad.
  • Use AssistiveTouch: Enable AssistiveTouch for an on-screen orientation lock button if the hardware button isn’t working.
  • iPad Cover Impact: Sometimes, iPad covers can press the volume buttons and interfere with the rotation. Be mindful of this.
  • Portrait Lock: Remember, the orientation lock works for both portrait and landscape modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my iPad screen still rotates after locking it?

Restart your iPad. Sometimes a simple restart can resolve minor software glitches.

Can I lock the screen in both portrait and landscape modes?

Yes, you can lock the screen in either mode. Just make sure your iPad is in the desired orientation before activating the lock.

What should I do if the orientation lock icon is missing?

Check the settings in the Control Center customization menu to add the orientation lock icon back.

Does orientation lock affect all apps?

Most apps will respect the orientation lock, but some may override it based on their design.

Can I use orientation lock during video playback?

Yes, locking the screen orientation works during video playback, ensuring a consistent viewing experience.


  1. Open the Control Center.
  2. Locate the orientation lock icon.
  3. Enable orientation lock.
  4. Confirm lock status.
  5. Close the Control Center.


Keeping your iPad screen from rotating is a simple yet effective way to enhance your user experience. Whether you’re reading an e-book, watching a movie, or playing games, a stable screen orientation can make all the difference. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily lock your iPad’s screen and avoid the frustration of an ever-flipping display.

If you’re looking for more in-depth tips and tricks for your iPad, consider exploring other features in the Control Center or diving into the settings menu. The iPad is packed with useful features designed to make your life easier. So go ahead, take control of your screen orientation and enjoy a more stable, user-friendly experience. Happy browsing!

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