How to Fix Text that Won’t Launch on iPhone: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you dealing with a stubborn iPhone that just won’t launch your text messages? This quick guide is here to help! In this article, we’ll run through the basic steps to get your text messages up and running again. First, we’ll try a simple restart of your iPhone. If that doesn’t do the trick, we’ll move on to updating your iOS, checking for app updates, and even resetting network settings. Read on for the full scoop!

After completing these actions, you should be able to open and use the text messaging app on your iPhone without any issues.


Ever reached for your iPhone to send a text message only to find out the app just won’t launch? If you’re nodding along, know that you’re not alone. Texting is a fundamental feature on our smartphones, and when it fails to work, it can be more than just an inconvenience—it can disrupt your daily communication and productivity. Whether it’s a frozen screen, a pesky bug, or some mysterious glitch, there are several reasons why your iPhone’s text messaging app may refuse to cooperate.

This article isn’t just for those who live on their phones; it’s for anyone who relies on text messaging to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues. We’ll walk you through the troubleshooting steps to fix text issues on your iPhone, saving you the hassle (and possibly the cost) of a trip to the Apple Store.

Step by Step Tutorial to Fix Text that Won’t Launch on iPhone

Before we dive into the technicalities, let’s get a broad picture of what we’ll be doing. The steps below are designed to troubleshoot and solve the issue of text messaging apps that won’t launch on your iPhone. We’ll start with the most straightforward solutions before moving on to more complex ones.

Step 1: Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone can solve a multitude of issues.

A simple restart can often resolve minor software glitches that may prevent your text messaging app from opening. To restart your iPhone, hold down the power button until the “slide to power off” option appears, then slide to turn off your phone. After a few seconds, hold the power button again to turn it back on.

Step 2: Update iOS

Outdated software can cause apps to malfunction.

Navigate to your iPhone’s settings, tap on “General,” and then “Software Update” to check if there’s a new version of iOS available. If there is, download and install it, as updates often contain fixes for bugs that may be causing your text app to not launch.

Step 3: Check for App Updates

An outdated app can also be the culprit.

Open the App Store and tap on your profile icon to look for any available updates for your text messaging app. If you see one, tap “Update” to install the latest version. Developers regularly release updates not only with new features but also with important bug fixes.

Step 4: Reset Network Settings

Network issues can affect messaging apps.

Go to your iPhone’s settings, tap on “General,” then “Reset,” and select “Reset Network Settings.” This action will remove all your Wi-Fi passwords and cellular settings, so be prepared to re-enter them. However, it can also fix issues related to network-based apps like messaging.


Simple Solutions FirstStarting with the most straightforward fixes means you’re not diving into more complex, time-consuming solutions unnecessarily.
No CostThese steps don’t require any financial outlay, unlike potential repairs at a service center.
Learning ExperienceTroubleshooting your own device can be empowering and educational, giving you skills for future tech issues.


Time-ConsumingTroubleshooting can be a lengthy process, especially if the first few steps don’t resolve the issue.
Data Loss PotentialResetting network settings will erase saved network information, and other resets could potentially lead to data loss.
Not a Guaranteed FixThese steps may not resolve the issue if there’s a more significant underlying problem with your iPhone.

Additional Information

While the steps above should cover most scenarios when text won’t launch on an iPhone, there are a few other tips worth mentioning. If you’ve tried all the steps and the issue persists, it could be worth checking if there’s enough storage space on your device. Sometimes, a lack of storage can prevent apps from functioning correctly. Also, consider if there has been any recent damage to your phone.

Physical damage like water exposure can sometimes cause apps to malfunction. If you suspect this might be the case, it may be wise to seek professional help. Remember, regular maintenance and updates are key to keeping your iPhone running smoothly.


  1. Restart your iPhone.
  2. Update iOS.
  3. Check for App Updates.
  4. Reset Network Settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if restarting my iPhone doesn’t work?

If a simple restart doesn’t fix the problem, proceed with checking for an iOS update and app updates, as these often contain necessary bug fixes.

Can updating iOS cause other issues?

While it is generally recommended to keep your iPhone’s software up to date, there can be rare instances where a new update may introduce new bugs. However, these are usually quickly addressed by Apple.

What does resetting network settings do?

Resetting network settings will erase all saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN settings. It’s a way to start fresh if you suspect network issues are affecting your messaging app.

Will I lose any text messages by following these steps?

No, these steps are designed to fix the app without affecting your data. However, it’s always a good idea to regularly back up your iPhone just in case.

What should I do if none of these steps work?

If you’ve followed all the suggested steps and your text app still won’t launch, it may be time to contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store for further assistance.


When text won’t launch on your iPhone, it’s easy to feel frustrated. But with a little patience and the right steps, most issues can be resolved without having to part with any cash or leave the comfort of your home. From restarting your iPhone to resetting network settings, the solutions are at your fingertips. The key is to start simple and work your way up to the more involved fixes.

Remember, keeping your iPhone updated and maintained is the best way to avoid these issues in the first place. If all else fails, Apple’s customer support is renowned for a reason. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them for help.

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