How to Enable Closed Captions on the Roku Premiere Plus

Closed captions are an important part of the viewing experience for people with hearing problems. By displaying the video dialogue, as well as information about sounds and music, much of the experience can be communicated without sound.

But there are other reasons that you might want to use closed captioning on a Roku Premiere Plus, and it may even be your preferred way to watch content on the device. Our tutorial below will show you how to change a setting so that you can enable closed captioning on the Roku Premiere Plus by default.

Another setting that you might want to change is the Amazon account that you’re using. Our how to sign out of Prime Video on Roku article can show you those steps.

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How to Turn On Subtitles on the Roku Premiere Plus

The steps in this article were performed on a Roku Premiere Plus, but will work on several other Roku models as well.

Note that once you complete these steps and enable closed captions on the device, any streaming channel that you watch which supports closed captioning will have them enabled.

Step 1: Press the Home button on your Roku remote, then choose the Settings option from the left menu.

open roku premiere plus settings menu

Step 2: Choose the Accessibility menu item.

touch the accessibility menu item

Step 3: Select the Captions Mode option.

select the captions mode option

Step 4: Choose the On Always option.

how enable closed captions roku premiere plus

Now if you go and open a streaming channel that supports closed captioning, such as Netflix or Hulu, then you should see subtitles at the bottom of the videos you are playing.

If you don’t want to turn on subtitles by default for every channel, then you might instead prefer to turn on subtitles from within the individual app. The exact method for doing this will vary from app to app but, typically, if you pause a video, or press up on the remote control, you should see a subtitle or settings option where you can find the closed captioning option.

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