How to Draw a Circle in Word 2010

There are a lot of different types of files and objects that you can insert into Microsoft Word 2010 documents, and some of them are simpler and more useful than you might expect. We have previously described how to take a screenshot in Microsoft Word 2010, but not everything that you add to a Word document needs to be an image or an external type of media. For example, you can also create objects and shapes entirely from scratch. Therefore, if you need to create a circle and insert it into your document, you can use the Shapes option on the Insert menu to do so.

Inserting a Circle into Word 2010

While the tool that you are going to be using is technically for inserting ovals, you can manually adjust the size of the oval so that it is perfectly proportioned and, therefore, a circle. Continue reading below to learn about the steps that you need to take to draw your circle in a Word document.

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Step 1: Launch Microsoft Word 2010, or double-click the Word file in which you want to draw a circle.

Step 2: Browse to the location in which you want to insert the circle.

Step 3: Click the Insert tab at the top of the window.

Step 4: Click the Shapes drop-down menu in the Illustrations section of the ribbon at the top of the window, then click the Oval icon in the Basic Shapes section of the menu.

how to draw a circle in word 2010

Step 5: Click your mouse at the desired location in your document, then drag your mouse until the oval is at the desired shape.

**The following steps are only necessary if you need a perfect circle**

Step 6: If it is not currently selected, click the Drawing Tools – Format tab at the top of the window. Note that the circle will need to be selected for this menu to be visible.

design tools format tab

Step 7: Click inside the Shape Height field in the Size section of the ribbon at the top of the window, then enter your desired circle height.

manually set circle size

Step 8: Click inside the Shape Width field under the Shape Height field, then enter the same value that you entered in Step 7. Your shape should now be a perfect circle.

If you want to change the appearance of the circle, you can modify the settings for the shape using the assorted menus in the Drawing Tools-Format tab of the ribbon.

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