How to Connect Spotify with Google Maps on an iPhone 11

Last updated on May 26th, 2023 at 05:40 pm

There are a lot of popular accounts and services that work well on your iPhone. If you have a Google Account and a Spotify account, for example, then you might have the Spotify app and the Google Maps app. Our guide below will show you how to connect Spotify with Google Maps so that you can use both services at the same time.

How to Enable the Google Maps and Spotify Connection from an iPhone

  1. Open Spotify.
  2. Select the Home tab.
  3. Touch the gear icon at the top-right of the screen.
  4. Select the Voice Assistants & Apps option.
  5. Tap the Connect button under Google Maps.
  6. Tap the Agree button to confirm that you understand Google Maps will gain access to some Spotify information.
  7. You can then elect whether or not to make Spotify the default Google Maps audio app.

Our guide continues below with additional information on how to connect Spotify with Google Maps, including pictures of these steps.

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Your iPhone 11 provides you with the option to integrate some of the more common apps that you may have on your device. This lets you enhance the functionality of some of these apps. One such connection that you can establish involves Spotify and Google Maps.

If you often use Google Maps for driving directions and would like to be able to listen to music while you use it, then you can follow the steps in our tutorial to connect both apps so that they can be used at the same time.

How to Connect Spotify and Google Maps in iOS 13 (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this guide were performed on an iPhone 11 in iOS 13.1.3. This guide assumes that you have already downloaded and installed the Google Maps app and the Spotify app on your iPhone.

If you use Google Calendar as well as Google Maps, then you might prefer to use the Google Calendar iPhone app instead of the Apple Calendar app.

This article is going to show you how you can connect your Spotify music app to Google Maps on your iPhone so that you can listen to music and podcasts from Spotify while using Google Maps.

Step 1: Open the Spotify app.

open Spotify

Step 2: Select the Home tab, then tap the gear icon at the top-right of the screen.

open Spotify settings

Step 3: Choose the Connect to Apps option.

In newer versions of the Spotify app this will say Voice Assistants & Apps instead.

select the Connect to Apps option

Step 4: Touch the Connect button under Google Maps.

how to connect Spotify to Google Maps on an iPhone

Step 5: Tap the Agree button to confirm sharing of information between Spotify and Google Maps.

agree to share data between Spotify and Google Maps

You can tap the Allow button on the next screen if you would like to change the Google Maps default audio app to Spotify.

Now that you know how to connect Spotify with Google Maps you will be able to use the Google Maps app to navigate while still being able to listen to audio from your Spotify account.

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