How to Add Caption to Image in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding captions to images in Google Docs is a breeze, and it’s a fantastic way to provide context or explain what the viewer is looking at. In just a few simple steps, you can have your images captioned and your document looking professional.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Add Caption to Image in Google Docs

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re about to do. Adding a caption to an image in Google Docs involves inserting a text box below the image and then formatting it to look like a part of the image. It’s quite straightforward, so let’s get started!

Step 1: Insert Your Image

First things first, you’ll need to have the image you want to caption in your Google Doc.

After you’ve got your image in the doc, click on it to select it. You’ll know it’s selected when you see little blue squares around the corners of the image.

Step 2: Insert a Drawing

Now, click on “Insert” in the top menu, then select “Drawing” and “New.”

This will open a new drawing window where you can add text to your image.

Step 3: Add a Text Box

Inside the drawing area, click on the text box icon, which looks like a “T” inside a box.

Then, click and drag your cursor to draw a text box below your image. This is where your caption will go.

Step 4: Enter Your Caption

With the text box selected, type in your caption.

You can format the text however you like—change the font, size, color, and alignment to match the style of your document.

Step 5: Save and Close

Once you’re happy with your caption, click the “Save and Close” button in the top right corner of the drawing window.

Your image with the caption will now be inserted into your Google Doc. If you need to make any changes, just click on the image and then on the “Edit” button that appears.

After completing these steps, you will have a neatly captioned image in your Google Doc. The caption will be part of the image, so if you move the image, the caption will move with it.

Tips for Adding Caption to Image in Google Docs

  • Keep your captions concise but descriptive.
  • Use a font and size that is easy to read and complements your document.
  • Align your text to the center or left, depending on what looks best with your image.
  • If you have multiple images, keep your caption style consistent throughout the document.
  • Remember, you can always go back and edit your captions if you need to make changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a caption to an image without using the drawing feature?

You can insert a text box directly below your image and format it to look like a caption.

Can I add a border to my image in Google Docs?

Yes, you can add a border in the image formatting options after you’ve selected your image.

Is it possible to change the caption after I’ve inserted it?

Absolutely! Just click on the image, then click on the “Edit” button that appears to go back into the drawing window.

Can I add captions to images in the Google Docs mobile app?

The process is a bit different on mobile, but you can add captions by inserting a textbox below your image.

How do I ensure that my caption stays with my image if I move it?

By using the drawing method described in the tutorial, the caption becomes a part of the image.


  1. Insert your image into the Google Doc.
  2. Insert a drawing.
  3. Add a text box below the image.
  4. Enter your caption into the text box.
  5. Save and close the drawing window.


Captions are an essential part of any visual presentation in a document. They provide clarity, context, and can even add a bit of personality to your images. Luckily, Google Docs makes it incredibly easy to add captions to your images with just a few clicks. Remember, a good caption can make or break the effectiveness of your image, so take the time to craft something descriptive and engaging. Whether you’re working on an academic paper, a business proposal, or a personal project, knowing how to add caption to image in Google Docs is a skill that will definitely come in handy. So go ahead, give your images the captions they deserve, and watch your documents come to life!

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