Hey Google, Open Assistant Settings: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever found yourself scratching your head, trying to figure out how to tweak your Google Assistant settings? Well, you’re not alone. The good news is, it’s pretty simple to open Assistant settings using the “Hey Google” command. Here’s a quick overview: just say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings,” and your device will take you straight to the settings page. That’s it! Now, let’s dive into the details, shall we?

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Use Hey Google Open Assistant Settings

Before starting the steps, understand that by following these instructions, you’ll be able to personalize your Google Assistant experience. You can change the voice, adjust your preferences, and much more.

Step 1: Activate Google Assistant

Say “Hey Google” to activate your Assistant.

When you say “Hey Google,” your device’s Assistant is ready to listen and take action. Make sure you’re in a quiet environment, or close enough to your device so it can hear you clearly.

Step 2: Command to Open Settings

After the Assistant is activated, say “open Assistant settings.”

This phrase is the magic command that will direct your Assistant to open the settings page on your device. It’s like giving a direct order – your Assistant will promptly comply.

Once you complete these steps, the Assistant settings page will open. Here, you can update your preferences, manage your data, or customize your Assistant as you see fit.

Tips for Using Hey Google Open Assistant Settings

  • Make sure your device’s microphone is on and working.
  • Speak clearly and at a moderate volume.
  • Pause briefly after saying “Hey Google” before giving the command to open settings.
  • Ensure your device’s software is up to date for the best performance.
  • Explore the settings to get the most personalized experience from your Google Assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I open Assistant settings without voice commands?

Yes, you can open Assistant settings manually through your device’s settings menu.

If voice commands aren’t your thing or you’re in a situation where speaking aloud isn’t ideal, you can navigate to the settings menu on your device and look for Google or Assistant settings.

What can I customize in the Assistant settings?

You can customize a variety of features, such as the Assistant’s voice, language, and routines.

The Assistant settings page is your playground for customization. You can set up routines for different parts of your day, change the language if you’re multilingual, and even decide on a different voice for your Assistant. The options are there to make your Assistant feel more ‘you’.

Can I access Assistant settings from any device?

Yes, you can access Assistant settings from any device where your Google Assistant is set up.

Whether you’re using a phone, a tablet, or a smart home device, as long as you’ve got Google Assistant running, you can access the settings. Just remember that the steps might slightly vary depending on the device.

What happens if my device doesn’t recognize the command?

Ensure that your device’s microphone is working, and try speaking the command again.

Sometimes, technology can be a little fussy. If your device doesn’t recognize your command at first, double-check that your microphone is on and functional, and then give it another go. Persistence is key!

Is it possible to lock certain settings to prevent others from changing them?

Currently, Google Assistant settings do not offer a lock feature for individual settings.

While it would definitely be helpful to secure certain settings, as of now, Google Assistant doesn’t provide this feature. It means you’ll need to keep an eye on your device if you’re worried about others tinkering with your preferences.


  1. Activate Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google.”
  2. Command Google Assistant to “open Assistant settings.”


Mastering the “Hey Google, open Assistant settings” command is a small but powerful way to take control of your Google Assistant experience. With the simple steps outlined above, you can swiftly access your settings and adjust them to your liking. Remember, it’s the little tweaks and personalizations that make your Assistant truly yours, so don’t shy away from diving into the settings page.

Whether you’re looking to change the Assistant’s voice, set up routines, or manage your privacy settings, knowing how to quickly open Assistant settings can save you time and enhance your user experience. Plus, with the extra tips and answers to common questions, you’re now well-equipped to handle any hiccups along the way.

So go ahead, give it a shot. Say the magic words, explore the settings, and tailor your Assistant to be the perfect companion for your digital life. Remember, technology is here to make our lives easier and more enjoyable, and with a little know-how, you can make the most of what it has to offer. Happy customizing!

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