How to Upload Voice Memos From My iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Uploading voice memos from an iPhone is a straightforward process. Firstly, open the Voice Memos app and select the recording you wish to upload. Next, tap the share icon and choose the method you want to use to share the file, such as email or a cloud storage service. Follow the prompts to complete the sharing process, and your voice memo will be uploaded.

After you complete the action, your voice memo will be available on the platform you chose to share it with. Whether it’s in an email to a colleague or saved in your cloud storage, you can access the memo from other devices, share it with others, or simply keep it for future reference.


In our fast-paced world, the ability to quickly record and share thoughts, meetings, or music snippets is invaluable. iPhones come with a built-in app called Voice Memos which allows users to do just that. However, the magic doesn’t end at the recording; being able to upload these voice memos to various platforms extends their utility.

Whether you’re a student looking to share lecture notes, a musician capturing a melody, or a professional keeping track of meetings, understanding how to upload voice memos from your iPhone can significantly streamline your workflow and ensure your important audio files are always within reach.

How to Upload Voice Memos from My iPhone

Before diving into the steps, let’s clarify what we’ll achieve. Following this tutorial will help you take the voice memos you’ve recorded on your iPhone and upload them to your preferred platform, such as email, cloud storage, or social media.

Step 1: Open the Voice Memos App

Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone where all your recordings are stored.

The Voice Memos app is the go-to place for all your audio recordings. Its icon resembles a waveform, and it’s typically located on the home screen or in the utilities folder. Once opened, you’ll see a list of all the recordings you’ve made.

Step 2: Select the Recording

Tap on the recording you want to upload.

Find the specific voice memo you wish to share by scrolling through the list. Once you’ve located it, tap on it to open the playback options.

Step 3: Tap the Share Icon

Look for the share icon and tap on it.

The share icon usually looks like a box with an upward arrow. Tapping on this icon will bring up the share menu, which lists all the possible ways you can share your voice memo.

Step 4: Choose Your Sharing Method

Select the method you want to use to share your voice memo.

From the share menu, you can choose to send your recording via email, add it to a note, upload it to a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive, or even send it through messaging apps like WhatsApp or Messenger.

Step 5: Follow the Sharing Prompts

Complete the sharing process by following the on-screen prompts.

Depending on the method you’ve chosen, you might need to enter an email address, select a folder in your cloud storage, or choose a contact to send the memo to. Once you’ve completed these steps, your voice memo will be uploaded.


ConvenienceOne of the major pros of uploading voice memos from your iPhone is convenience. The process is simple and can be done in just a few taps. This saves you time and hassle, especially when you’re on the go.
AccessibilityOnce uploaded, your voice memos are accessible from anywhere. Whether you’re sharing them with others or keeping them for your reference, you can access them from any device, as long as you have internet connectivity.
OrganizationUploading voice memos helps keep your audio files organized. By storing them in designated folders or sharing them with specific individuals, you maintain a level of organization that might be difficult to achieve otherwise.


Internet DependencyTo upload voice memos, you need an internet connection. If you’re in a location with poor connectivity, you might not be able to share your files when you want to.
File Size LimitationSome sharing methods have file size limitations. If your voice memo is particularly long, you may need to find alternative ways to share it or split it into smaller recordings.
Privacy ConcernsWhen uploading voice memos, there is a risk of privacy breaches. It’s crucial to ensure the platform you’re using has sufficient security measures to protect your data.

Additional Information

When uploading voice memos from your iPhone, keep in mind the format of the audio file. Voice memos are typically saved as .m4a files, which are widely supported but may not be compatible with every platform or recipient’s device. If necessary, you may need to convert the file to a different format before sharing.

Another tip is to make sure you have a backup of your voice memos. Before uploading, it’s wise to save a copy to your computer or another secure location. This way, if anything goes awry during the upload process, you won’t lose your valuable recordings.

Lastly, if you’re concerned about data usage, consider uploading voice memos over Wi-Fi rather than your cellular network. This can save you from racking up data charges, especially if you’re dealing with large files.


  1. Open the Voice Memos app
  2. Select the recording
  3. Tap the share icon
  4. Choose your sharing method
  5. Follow the sharing prompts

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit a voice memo on my iPhone before uploading it?

Yes, the Voice Memos app allows you to trim the recording to cut unwanted parts before sharing.

How long can a voice memo be to upload it?

There’s no set limit on the length of a voice memo for uploading, but some sharing methods may restrict file sizes.

Can I upload multiple voice memos at once?

Yes, you can select multiple recordings in the Voice Memos app and share them simultaneously.

Is it possible to upload a voice memo to social media?

While you can’t upload directly from the Voice Memos app to social media, you can save the file to your phone and then upload it through the social media platform’s app.

Can I upload a voice memo to YouTube?

Yes, but since YouTube is a video platform, you’ll need to convert the voice memo into a video format first.


Mastering the art of uploading voice memos from your iPhone can transform your productivity and creativity. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, the ability to share your voice recordings is a powerful tool in today’s digital landscape. Remember to keep in mind the format, size, and security of your files as you share them, and always maintain a backup for peace of mind. Happy uploading!