Okay Google: Your Guide to Checking Voicemail with Ease

Checking your voicemail doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore. With the power of Google’s voice assistant, you can effortlessly access your voicemails with just a simple voice command. Here’s a quick overview: just wake up your phone, say “Okay Google, check my voicemail,” and voila! You’ll be listening to your messages in no time.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Use Okay Google to Check Voicemail

Before we dive into the steps, let’s clarify what we’re going to achieve. Using “Okay Google” to check your voicemail is all about convenience. It allows you to access your messages hands-free, which is particularly useful when you’re driving or your hands are otherwise occupied. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Wake up your Google Assistant

Simply say “Okay Google” or “Hey Google” to wake up your assistant.

The Google Assistant is always ready to help you. Once you say the wake word, it will start listening for your command. Make sure you have set up your Google Assistant beforehand and it’s active on your phone.

Step 2: Give the command to check voicemail

Say “check my voicemail” to your Google Assistant.

After you’ve woken up the Assistant, it’s time to tell it what you want to do. The command can be as straightforward as “check my voicemail.” The Assistant will then proceed to access your voicemail.

Step 3: Follow any further prompts

The Assistant may ask for a voicemail PIN number or take you directly to your voicemails.

Depending on your phone carrier and settings, Google Assistant might ask for your voicemail PIN. It’s essential to remember this number for such instances. If no PIN is needed, the Assistant will start playing your voicemails.

After you’ve completed the steps, your Google Assistant will access your voicemail and start playing your messages. You can listen to them, delete them, or save them for later, all through voice commands.

Tips: Making the Most of Okay Google for Voicemail

  • Ensure your Google Assistant is set up and voice match is turned on for a smoother experience.
  • Keep your voicemail PIN handy in case the assistant prompts you for it.
  • Remember that network connection is necessary for the Google Assistant to work.
  • If you have multiple accounts or phone numbers, specify which voicemail you want to check.
  • Practice the voice commands to get used to the assistant’s sensitivity and response.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the Google Assistant doesn’t understand my command?

Try speaking clearly and rephrasing your request or check your phone’s microphone to ensure it’s not blocked.

Can I use “Okay Google” to check voicemail on any phone?

It works on most Android phones with the Google Assistant set up and iPhones with the Google Assistant app installed.

Is it secure to check voicemail using voice commands?

As secure as any other method, but ensure you don’t share your PIN or sensitive information out loud in public spaces.

Do I need an internet connection to use this feature?

Yes, the Google Assistant requires an internet connection to process voice commands.

Can I save or delete voicemails with voice commands?

Yes, after listening to a voicemail, you can command Google Assistant to delete it or save it for later.


  1. Wake up your Google Assistant.
  2. Say “check my voicemail.”
  3. Follow any additional prompts like entering your PIN if necessary.


There you have it, a simple and efficient way to check your voicemails using “Okay Google.” This voice-activated feature not only saves you time but also adds an element of hands-free convenience to your daily routine. Whether you’re multitasking at home or on the go, you can access your voicemails with ease. Just remember to set up your Google Assistant properly, and you’re all set to go. As we become more reliant on technology, it’s essential to keep up with these little tricks that make life a tad easier. So, why not give it a try and see how “Okay Google, check my voicemail” can streamline your communication needs?

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