How to Remove Voice Mail From an iPhone 14: A Step-by-Step Guide

Removing voicemail from an iPhone 14 is a simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes. All it takes is a few taps on your phone’s screen to delete those unwanted messages and free up space. After all, who needs old voicemails taking up precious storage?

Once you’ve removed your voicemail, you’ll have more space on your iPhone 14 for things like photos, apps, and music. Plus, you won’t have to sift through old messages to find the ones that are actually important.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Remove Voice Mail from an iPhone 14

Before we dive into the steps, let’s talk about what you’re about to do. Removing voicemail from your iPhone 14 clears out those messages you no longer need. It’s like decluttering your digital space. Ready? Let’s get started.

Step 1: Access Your Voicemail

Open the Phone app and tap on the “Voicemail” tab. This is where all your voicemails are stored.

When you open the Voicemail tab, you’ll see a list of all your messages. If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned this out, there might be quite a few!

Step 2: Select the Voicemail to Delete

Find the voicemail you want to remove and swipe left on it to reveal the “Delete” option.

Remember, once you delete a voicemail, it’s gone for good. So make sure you really don’t need the message before you swipe.

Step 3: Tap “Delete”

Tap the “Delete” button to remove the voicemail from your iPhone 14.

If you accidentally delete a voicemail, you might be able to retrieve it from the “Deleted Messages” section at the bottom of the Voicemail tab, but this is not guaranteed.

Step 4: Clear Deleted Messages

To permanently remove voicemails, go to the “Deleted Messages” section and tap “Clear All.”

Clearing all deleted messages will free up space on your iPhone 14, ensuring that those old voicemails are truly gone.

Tips on How to Remove Voice Mail from an iPhone 14

  • Double-check that you don’t need the voicemail before deleting it, as it may not be recoverable.
  • Regularly check your voicemail to keep your inbox clean and manageable.
  • If you’re expecting an important voicemail, make sure to listen to it before deleting others.
  • Consider saving important voicemails to another location, like a computer or cloud service, before deleting them.
  • Remember, clearing out old voicemails can help your iPhone 14 run more smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I undelete a voicemail if I removed it by mistake?

Once a voicemail is deleted and removed from the “Deleted Messages” section, it cannot be recovered.

How often should I delete voicemails?

It depends on your personal preference and how frequently you receive voicemails. Some people prefer to delete them immediately after listening, while others do a monthly clean-up.

Will deleting voicemails from my iPhone 14 delete them from my carrier’s server?

No, deleting voicemails from your phone does not delete them from your carrier’s server. They may still be retrievable through your carrier’s voicemail system.

What happens if I don’t clear my “Deleted Messages”?

If you don’t clear your “Deleted Messages,” they will continue to take up space on your iPhone 14 until they are automatically removed after a certain period.

Is there a way to bulk delete voicemails on an iPhone 14?

Unfortunately, there is no current feature that allows bulk deletion of voicemails on the iPhone 14. You have to delete them one by one.


  1. Access your voicemail through the Phone app.
  2. Swipe left on the voicemail you want to delete and tap “Delete.”
  3. Clear all deleted messages for permanent removal.


Clearing out your voicemail on an iPhone 14 is a straightforward task that can refresh your phone and make room for new, important messages. Whether you’re someone who gets voicemails regularly or occasionally, it’s good practice to keep your inbox tidy. Remember, once you delete a voicemail, it’s potentially gone for good, so be sure you’re ready to let it go before you swipe.

By following the simple steps outlined above, you can easily remove voicemails and manage your phone’s storage more effectively. With a clean voicemail box, you can ensure that you’re only keeping the messages that matter most to you. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to back up any crucial voicemails that may be needed in the future. Happy decluttering, and enjoy the newfound space on your iPhone 14!

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