How to Clear Your Voice Mailbox on an iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Clearing your voicemail on an iPhone is a breeze! Simply open the Phone app, tap on Voicemail, then hit “Edit”. Select the messages you want to remove and press “Delete”. Voilà, a clutter-free voicemail inbox!

After you complete this action, all the selected voicemails will be permanently deleted, clearing up space in your inbox for new messages.


Imagine this: you’re waiting for a crucial voicemail from your boss or perhaps a loved one, but your iPhone chimes to let you know that your voicemail is full. Frustrating, right? Don’t fret, because you’ve stumbled upon the perfect guide to decluttering that jam-packed voicemail inbox. We’ve all been there, scrolling through dozens of old messages, pondering on how to get rid of them.
Voicemails can pile up quickly, especially if you’re receiving them for work, personal matters, or just the occasional spam call. Having a clear voicemail inbox not only saves you the headache of sifting through old messages but also ensures that you never miss out on important new ones. This task is particularly relevant for iPhone users, who often rely on voicemail for both personal and professional communication. The process is simple, and with a few taps, you can have a clean slate. So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of clearing out your iPhone’s voicemail box.

Step by Step Tutorial: Clearing Your Voicemail on an iPhone

Before we jump into the steps, let’s establish what we’ll achieve. Following these steps will help you to efficiently clear your voicemail, making room for new messages and keeping your inbox organized.

Step 1: Open the Phone app

Open the Phone app on your iPhone, which is typically found on your home screen.

Opening the Phone app is your gateway to accessing your voicemail. It’s the green icon with a white phone handset that you use to make calls. Once opened, you’ll find the voicemail tab at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Tap on Voicemail

Tap on the ‘Voicemail’ button located in the bottom right corner.

This will take you to your voicemail inbox, where you’ll see a list of all your voicemail messages. From here, you can listen to, share, and delete voicemails.

Step 3: Tap on “Edit”

Once in your Voicemail inbox, you’ll see an “Edit” button in the upper right corner. Tap on this.

By selecting “Edit”, you’re now in the mode where you can select multiple voicemails to delete at once. This is much more efficient than deleting them one by one.

Step 4: Select the voicemails to delete

Select the voicemails you wish to clear. A blue checkmark will appear next to each selected message.

Take a moment to ensure you’re only selecting voicemails you don’t want to keep. You can select as many or as few as you like.

Step 5: Press “Delete”

After selecting the voicemails, press the “Delete” button to remove them from your inbox.

Once you hit “Delete”, your selected voicemails are gone for good, freeing up space in your inbox for new, important messages.


Frees up spaceClearing out old voicemails frees up storage space on your iPhone.
Organizes inboxA decluttered voicemail inbox makes it easier to manage and prioritizes new messages.
Saves timeWith a clean inbox, you’ll spend less time scrolling through old messages to find the ones that matter.

Clearing out old voicemails often results in a noticeable amount of freed-up storage space on your iPhone. This is especially beneficial if you’re someone who receives a high volume of voicemails and are looking to optimize your phone’s storage.

An organized voicemail inbox is easier to manage and peruse when you’re looking for specific messages. Plus, it’s more aesthetically pleasing to have a tidy inbox!

With a clean voicemail inbox, you can save precious time by not having to wade through outdated voicemails. This means you can get to the important messages faster and respond in a timely manner.


Permanent deletionOnce you delete a voicemail, it cannot be retrieved, so be sure about what you’re removing.
Accidental deletionThere’s a risk of accidentally deleting important voicemails if you’re not careful when selecting.
Time-consuming for many voicemailsIf you have a large number of voicemails, the process can be time-consuming.

When you delete a voicemail, it’s gone forever. There’s no going back, so it’s crucial to double-check before hitting that delete button.

Accidentally deleting a voicemail that you intended to keep can be a real annoyance. Always take an extra moment to review your selections before confirming the deletion.

If your voicemail inbox is bursting at the seams, clearing it out could take a significant chunk of time. The process is simple, but it can be tedious if you’ve let your inbox overflow.

Additional Information

Now that we’ve covered the basic steps, let’s delve into some supplementary details that can enhance your voicemail clearing experience. For starters, did you know that some voicemails might be saved under a “Deleted Messages” label? This is like having a second chance at retrieving a deleted voicemail, but remember, it’s still not a permanent storage solution.

Additionally, if you’re someone who consistently receives a large volume of voicemails, it might be beneficial to regularly schedule inbox clean-outs. This habit can prevent the overwhelming task of having to clear hundreds of messages at once. Another tip? Consider setting up visual voicemail, which allows you to read transcriptions of your voicemails; this way, you can quickly determine which messages are worth keeping.

Remember to periodically check for any voicemails you’ve saved as important—these should be backed up outside of your phone if they’re crucial. Lastly, always ensure your voicemail password is secure to prevent unauthorized access to your inbox.


  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Tap on the Voicemail button.
  3. Select “Edit.”
  4. Choose voicemails to delete.
  5. Press “Delete.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover a deleted voicemail?

Once a voicemail is deleted, it is usually gone forever. However, some voicemails might temporarily remain under “Deleted Messages,” where you may have a brief window to recover them.

How often should I clear my voicemail inbox?

This depends on how many voicemails you receive. Some may need to clear it weekly, while others might do it monthly. Develop a routine that fits your needs.

What if I accidentally delete an important voicemail?

If you’ve just deleted it, check “Deleted Messages” immediately. If it’s not there, unfortunately, it’s permanently gone.

Can I delete all my voicemails at once?

Yes, you can select all voicemails by tapping on each one after pressing “Edit”. Then, press “Delete” to remove them all at once.

How can I prevent my voicemail from filling up quickly?

Consider regularly deleting unimportant messages, set up visual voicemail, and back up any crucial voicemails outside of your phone.


Clearing your voicemail on an iPhone is a simple yet essential maintenance task that keeps your communication channels open and efficient. By regularly managing your voicemail inbox, you ensure that you’re ready to receive new, potentially important messages without wading through a sea of old, irrelevant ones.

Remember, while technology is here to make our lives easier, it still requires a bit of housekeeping on our part. So, take a few moments every so often to keep your voicemail box clean and organized—it’s a small task that can make a big difference in your day-to-day communication. Happy decluttering!

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