How to Add a Passcode to Dropbox on an iPhone

Dropbox is a very useful service that allows you to store files in the cloud. One of the best parts about Dropbox is how easy it is to use on a number of different platforms.

I use it seamlessly on my computer, iPhone, and tablet, and the convenience of being able to access files from all of those devices is unbelievable.

But this convenience can lead to situations where you are storing sensitive information in your Dropbox account, so it becomes necessary to add some security to it.

Continue reading below to find out how you can add a password to Dropbox on your iPhone.

Secure Your Dropbox Files on the iPhone

Note that this passcode is separate from the passcode that you use whenever you unlock your iPhone.

If you are not using a passcode on your iPhone, you can learn how to set one up here. Additionally, this passcode only applies to the Dropbox app on your iPhone.

You will need to set another passcode on your iPad, for example, if you want to add security to Dropbox on that device as well.

Step 1: Open the Dropbox app on your iPhone.

open the dropbox app

Step 2: Touch the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen.

touch the settings button at the bottom of the screen

Step 3: Touch the Passcode Lock button.

touch the passcode lock button

Step 4: Touch the Turn Passcode On button.

touch the turn passcode on button

Step 5: Create the passcode that you will use to access Dropbox from your phone.

create the dropbox passcode

Step 6: Re-enter the passcode that you just created.

re-enter the password you just created

You will now need to enter this passcode whenever you open the Dropbox app on your iPhone.

Now that you know how to app a passcode to Dropbox on an iPhone, you can add some extra security to the content that is stored in that app.

One of the best things about Dropbox on the iPhone is the ability to automatically upload your pictures to your Dropbox account.

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