How to Change the Text Message Notification Sound on a Samsung Galaxy On5

Notification sounds are a simple, yet effective, way to alert you to information that requires your attention. Different apps will trigger a notification for different things, and certain apps will be responsible for more notifications than others. One of the most common notification sounds that you are likely to hear, however, is the text message notification sound.

If you are in a building where there are a lot of people with cell phones nearby, like an office, then it is very possible that many people will be using the same notification sounds. This can make it difficult to distinguish which phone is creating the notification sound. Our guide below will show you how to adjust the text message notification sound on your Galaxy On5 to something different than the current option.


Change Text Sound on a Galaxy On5

The steps in this guide are going to change the sound that you hear when you receive a new text message on your Galaxy On5.

Step 1: Open the Apps folder.

open the apps folder



Step 2: Select the Settings option.

open the settings menu



Step 3: Select Sounds and vibrations near the top of the screen.

open the sounds and vibrations menu



Step 4: Select Notifications sounds.

select notification sounds



Step 5: Select the Messages notifications option.

select messages notifications



Step 6: Select the Notification sound option. Note that you can elect to enable or disable the Vibration option when you receive a text message on this screen.

tap the notification sound button



Step 7: Select the sound that you would like to hear when you get a new text message. Note that a sample of the sound will play each time you select a new option.

change the galaxy on5 text message sound



You can customize many of the other sounds that you hear on your Galaxy On5 as well. For example, this article will show you how to enable or disable the camera shutter sound that you hear whenever you take a picture.

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