iOS 17: How to Turn Off Notifications from the Tips App on iPhone

Tired of those pesky notifications from the Tips app on your iPhone running iOS 17? Here’s the quick lowdown: you’ll need to delve into your Settings, navigate to the Tips app settings, and toggle off the notifications. After that, you can enjoy uninterrupted peace from unwanted tips alerts.

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Step by Step Tutorial: Turning Off Notifications from the Tips App on iPhone

Before we jump into the steps, let’s get a grasp on what we’re about to do. We’re going to stop the Tips app from sending you notifications. This means no more random alerts popping up about how to use your iPhone.

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

The Settings app is where all the magic happens. It’s the control center for all your apps and system preferences.

Step 2: Scroll to Tips

Scroll through the list of apps until you find Tips, then select it.

This is where you’ll find all the settings related specifically to the Tips app.

Step 3: Tap on Notifications

Once in the Tips app settings, look for the Notifications option and tap on it.

This is the section that controls whether or not the Tips app can send you notifications.

Step 4: Toggle Off Allow Notifications

You’ll see a switch next to Allow Notifications. Toggle it off to disable all notifications from the Tips app.

And just like that, no more interruptions from the Tips app.

After completing these steps, you’ll no longer receive any notifications from the Tips app. This means no more alerts about new features or how-to guides unless you go into the Tips app yourself.

Tips: Managing Notifications on iPhone

  • Check the notification settings for each app to customize your notification preferences.
  • Consider using the Scheduled Summary feature to batch less important notifications together.
  • Use the Focus feature to limit notifications during specific times or activities.
  • Remember that turning off notifications doesn’t delete the app, and you can always turn them back on.
  • Explore other notification settings, such as Sounds and Badges, to further customize your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to receive notifications from the Tips app again?

Simply go back into the Tips app settings and toggle the Allow Notifications switch back on.

Can I customize the type of notifications I receive from the Tips app?

Yes, within the Notifications settings, you can choose to receive only alerts, banners, or notifications in the Notification Center.

Will turning off notifications delete the Tips app?

No, it will not delete the app. It only stops notifications from being sent to you.

Can I set a schedule for when to receive notifications?

Yes, iOS 17 has a Scheduled Summary feature that allows you to schedule notifications for a specific time.

What is the Focus feature mentioned in the tips section?

Focus is a feature in iOS 17 that helps you stay focused by filtering notifications based on what you’re currently doing.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll to Tips
  3. Tap on Notifications
  4. Toggle Off Allow Notifications


Turning off notifications from the Tips app on your iPhone running iOS 17 is a straightforward process that can save you from unnecessary distractions. It’s a testament to the customizable nature of iPhones, allowing you to tailor your device to suit your preferences and lifestyle. Whether you’re in a meeting, focusing on work, or simply enjoying some quiet time, controlling your notifications puts the power back in your hands. And if you ever find yourself missing those handy tips, well, re-enabling them is just as easy. Remember, your iPhone is designed to enhance your life, not disrupt it. So take charge, personalize your notifications, and use your device the way it was meant to be used – as a tool that serves you.