iOS 17: How to Stop Downloading Apps from Other Devices to iPhone

When you’re trying to keep your iPhone organized, it can be frustrating to see apps from your other Apple devices automatically downloading onto it. But don’t worry, there’s a simple way to stop this from happening. By tweaking a few settings, you can prevent apps from other devices from cluttering your iPhone.

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iOS 17: How to Stop Downloading Apps from Other Devices to iPhone

So, you’re tired of seeing a clutter of apps on your iPhone that you never downloaded, right? These are probably apps from your iPad or another iPhone that’s linked to the same Apple ID. Don’t worry, follow these steps, and you’ll have a clean, organized iPhone in no time.

Step 1: Open Settings

Go to your iPhone’s home screen and tap on the Settings app.

The settings app is usually represented by a gear icon and is the central hub where you can tweak your iPhone’s functionality to your liking.

Step 2: Tap on your Apple ID

At the top of the settings menu, you’ll see your Apple ID. Tap on it to access more options.

This will take you to your Apple ID menu, where you can manage your account and various aspects of your Apple ecosystem.

Step 3: Select ‘iTunes & App Store’

In the Apple ID menu, look for ‘iTunes & App Store’ and select it.

This is where you can manage your preferences for music, movies, and app downloads.

Step 4: Find ‘Automatic Downloads’

In the ‘iTunes & App Store’ menu, find the ‘Automatic Downloads’ section.

This section controls what content gets downloaded automatically to your device.

Step 5: Turn off ‘Apps’

Under ‘Automatic Downloads’, you’ll see a toggle next to ‘Apps’. Turn it off.

By doing this, you’re telling your iPhone not to automatically download apps that you’ve purchased or downloaded on your other Apple devices.

After you complete these steps, your iPhone will no longer download apps from your other devices automatically. This means you have to manually download any app you want on your iPhone, giving you total control over what appears on your device.

Tips for Managing Apps on Your iPhone

  • Regularly review the apps on your iPhone and delete any that you no longer use.
  • Organize your apps into folders to keep your home screen tidy and make it easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • Take advantage of the App Library to automatically organize your apps and keep your home screen clutter-free.
  • Use the search function to quickly find apps when you don’t remember where they are on your device.
  • Consider using Screen Time settings to manage app usage and restrict downloads and purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I turn off ‘Automatic Downloads’ for apps?

If you turn off ‘Automatic Downloads’ for apps, any apps that you purchase or download on your other Apple devices will not automatically download to your iPhone. You’ll need to manually download them if you want them on your device.

Will turning off ‘Automatic Downloads’ affect my app updates?

No, turning off ‘Automatic Downloads’ for apps will not affect your app updates. Your iPhone will still update apps automatically unless you have also turned off automatic updates.

Can I stop automatic downloads for specific apps?

No, the ‘Automatic Downloads’ setting is a blanket setting that applies to all apps. You cannot selectively stop automatic downloads for specific apps.

If I turn off ‘Automatic Downloads’, can I still use Family Sharing?

Yes, turning off ‘Automatic Downloads’ does not affect your ability to use Family Sharing. You can still share purchases and downloads with family members.

Will turning off ‘Automatic Downloads’ free up storage on my iPhone?

Turning off ‘Automatic Downloads’ will prevent new apps from downloading automatically, which can help prevent your storage from filling up with unwanted apps. However, it will not free up space from apps that are already on your device.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on your Apple ID
  3. Select ‘iTunes & App Store’
  4. Find ‘Automatic Downloads’
  5. Turn off ‘Apps’


In the grand scheme of managing an iPhone, learning how to stop downloading apps from other devices might seem trivial. But it’s the little things like this that can make a big difference in your user experience. With iOS 17, Apple continues to offer more granular control over your device’s functionality, and it’s up to users to take advantage of these features. The steps mentioned above not only help keep your iPhone free from clutter but also ensure that you have the final say on what gets to live on your precious device.

With the tips provided, you can go further in managing your app ecosystem—keeping your digital space organized and tailored to your needs. As we become more reliant on our devices, understanding their intricacies can save us time and frustration. So, take control, personalize your settings, and enjoy a cleaner, more efficient iPhone experience. After all, shouldn’t our devices work for us, not against us?

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