iOS 17 Guide: How to Change a Contact Picture on iPhone

Changing the contact picture on your iPhone can be done in a few simple steps. Go to the Contacts app, select the contact you want to change the picture for, tap on Edit, then tap on add photo or edit photo, select an image from your library or take a new one, adjust it, and then tap Done. Voila! Your contact now has a new image to their name.

After you’ve changed the contact picture, anytime you receive a call or text from that contact, the new image will appear. This makes it easier to quickly see who’s getting in touch with you, and adds a personal touch to your contact list.

You can also watch this video about how to change a contact picture on iPhone for more on this subject.


Have you ever scrolled through your iPhone’s contact list and thought it looked a little dull? Or perhaps, you’ve had trouble figuring out who’s calling because all the contact pictures are the same default image? Well, worry no more! iOS 17 brings you the ability to customize your contacts list with pictures of your choosing, making your iPhone even more personalized and user-friendly.

Changing a contact picture is a simple yet valuable feature that can make your life a little bit easier. Not only does it help you recognize who’s calling or texting at a glance, but it also allows you to add a personal touch to your phone. After all, your iPhone is a device you use every single day, and customizing it to fit your style and preferences is part of the fun, right? This functionality is particularly useful for those of us who are visual learners and remember faces better than names. Moreover, it’s a handy feature for anyone who wants to add a bit of flair to their contact list or distinguish between contacts with the same name. It’s a feature that’s easy to overlook but can make a world of difference once it’s used.

Step by Step Tutorial: Changing a Contact Picture on iPhone

Before we dive into the steps on how to change a contact picture on iPhone, let’s quickly discuss what these steps will accomplish. By following these steps, you’ll be able to assign a new image to a contact in your phone, making it easier to identify who’s calling or messaging you.

Step 1: Open the Contacts app

Open the Contacts app on your iPhone to begin the process.

The Contacts app is where all your phone numbers and contact information are stored. It’s the little icon that looks like a person inside a circle. Once you open it, you’ll see a list of everyone you’ve saved as a contact.

Step 2: Select the contact

Choose the contact you want to change the picture for by tapping on their name.

Scroll through your contacts list until you find the person you’re looking to update. If you have a lot of contacts, you might find the search bar at the top of the screen helpful.

Step 3: Tap on Edit

Once you’ve selected the contact, tap on the Edit button in the top-right corner of the screen.

The Edit button lets you modify all the details you have for that contact, from their phone number to their email address, and, of course, their picture.

Step 4: Tap on add photo or edit photo

Tap on the add photo button if there’s no picture, or edit photo if you want to change the existing one.

This will open up your photo library, allowing you to choose an existing photo for your contact. If you’d rather take a new photo, you can do that too by selecting the camera option.

Step 5: Choose an image

Select an image from your photo library or take a new photo for your contact.

If you’re choosing from your library, you can scroll through your albums or use the search function to find the perfect picture. If you’re taking a new photo, ensure you’re in a well-lit area so the image is clear.

Step 6: Adjust the image

Once you’ve selected an image, you can move and scale it to fit the circle frame.

You can zoom in or out and move the picture around until you’re satisfied with how it looks. This helps ensure that the contact’s face is centered and easily recognizable.

Step 7: Tap Done

After adjusting the image, tap Done to set the new contact picture.

The Done button saves all the changes you’ve made. And that’s it! The next time this contact calls or texts, you’ll see the new picture.


Quick IdentificationHaving a picture associated with a contact allows for quick and easy identification when receiving calls or messages.
PersonalizationAdding pictures to your contacts adds a personal touch to your phone, making it feel more uniquely yours.
OrganizationFor those with multiple contacts with the same name, pictures can help differentiate between them.


Limited PrivacyIf someone else uses your phone, they will see the pictures you’ve assigned to your contacts.
Time ConsumingIf you have a large number of contacts, assigning individual pictures can be time-consuming.
Dependence on VisualsThose who prefer or need to rely on names rather than visuals may find this feature less useful.

Additional Information

While the steps outlined above are pretty straightforward, there are a few additional tips that can help you make the most out of customizing your contact pictures on iOS 17. First, consider syncing your contacts with social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, which can automatically update your contacts with their profile pictures. This can save you a lot of time and ensure the pictures stay current.

Another tip is to use high-quality images for your contact pictures. This makes the images look better and more recognizable on your iPhone’s display. Also, don’t forget that you can assign not just pictures, but also emoji or Animoji if you’re looking for something a bit more fun or creative.

Lastly, keep in mind that contact pictures also sync across devices using the same Apple ID. So, if you change a contact photo on your iPhone, it will also update on your iPad or Mac, provided they are all connected to the same account. This ensures a consistent and seamless experience across all your devices.


  1. Open the Contacts app.
  2. Select the contact.
  3. Tap on Edit.
  4. Tap on add photo or edit photo.
  5. Choose an image from the library or take a new one.
  6. Adjust the image in the circle frame.
  7. Tap Done to save the new contact picture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set a video as a contact picture?

No, you cannot set a video as a contact picture in iOS 17, only still images are supported.

What if my contact picture isn’t showing up during calls?

Make sure that the image has been saved correctly and that the contact information is not duplicated under different entries.

Can I change contact pictures in bulk?

Unfortunately, you need to change contact pictures individually on your iPhone.

How can I remove a contact picture?

Follow the same steps as adding a picture but select the option to delete the photo during the editing process.

Will changing a contact picture on my iPhone change it on other devices too?

Yes, if you’re using the same Apple ID across devices, the contact picture will sync and update on all of them.


There you have it, folks – a complete guide on how to change a contact picture on iPhone with iOS 17. It’s a simple process that can make a significant impact on your day-to-day phone experience.

Whether you want to quickly identify who’s calling, add a personal touch to your contacts, or just enjoy a bit of customization, changing contact pictures is a small detail that can bring a lot of satisfaction. So, why not give your contacts a little makeover? It’s a small effort that can bring a smile to your face every time you get a call or text. Happy customizing!

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